What does it mean to be a woman?  Does it always mean girlish, pink fluffy, high heels, make-up?  Is this a social norm? Femme is a gender identity, and a sexual identity, an outward presentation of self.
I am Phlossy Roxx – a high femme.

Elizabeth Marston, writes:  (Click in to see more!)

“Let’s say that femme is dispossessed femininity. It’s the femininity of those who aren’t allowed to be real women and who have to roll their own feminine gender….cis-female lesbians….in the fifties…..contemporary femme dykes…..queens and trannies… femme gay men….
What these groups share, …is the illegitimacy of their femininity. That’s how I understand femme: bad-ass, rogue, illegitimate femininity. … Femme is a move from dispossession to self-possession. We’re not allowed to be real, so we’ve figured out something else to be, something new – and that something is femme.”
Elizabeth Marston, “Rogue Femininity” P205 – 7

To read more on this check out my amazing friend Sian’s writing about “Femme” from her speech for ‘Femme Velocity’ at City Gallery, Wellington, on Saturday 6th April 2013

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