It seems to be my day for Fashion Weeks! I just send off my International Media registration for New Zealand Fashion Week, and I can’t wait to be back there again to experience it all again in September. Now its coming time for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Just the word “Spring” gets me excited! An end is in sight to the cold, chill and rain is a rather a glorious prospect. 

So, despite that, many would say spending hours planning outfits to wear, or for me, what to pack to take with me from Melbourne back to Auckland, is a little silly and frivolous and materialistic, umm WHY NOT?! It’s fashion week Babe!! What better week of any year to be silly and frivolous and materialistic! Oh it is truly rather thrilling!

Here are some tips on how to be fabulous at the ALL the upcoming fashion weeks:

1. Wear at least one stand out item. A ridiculous hat, pair of shoes or pants are top in my books. And if your item is a “Designer” piece by someone who’s showing you get an extra 100 brownie points.

2. Take inconspicuous selfies.  Don’t be the one with a cellphone in the middle of the photographers pit (or front row) blocking everyone else’s view.  You will get talked about in a not-nice way.  . Ahhhh fashion-politics.  We all want to show off where we are, but not get caught doing it!

3. Colour blocking will always come in and out of the “IN” look of the moment but too many people stick to the dark, morose safety of black.  Take a giant pink leaf out of my book, you’ll noticed within the sea of black that is fashion week front row, even if you end up in the worst dressed column its still press, right?  . Do it.

4. Sunglasses make you seem prestigious and intimidating.  If your trying to get your seat upgraded then giant over-sized or over stated glasses really up the anti…  Unless your usher is really on the ball with fashion week antics, then don’t be that glamourazzi twat that throws a tantrum, okay!

5. Go old school.  Take a gorgeous wee notebook, maybe with a glamorous title embossed in gold and a pencil.  Taking notes its not only practical when you have a hectic schedule of shows, seems more respectful than tapping away on your phone or tablet (everyone thinks you’re on facebook!)  and you can take gorgeous pictures to pop in with your article once it’s written!

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week model casting was this week and by the look of the talent that turned out it is going to be yet another fantastic event that has made me please with my decision to move my blogisphere to Australia!  You can check out more as it comes here:

You can get tickets HERE
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