I have a diploma in sports and relaxation massage, and honestly its one of the best things I’ve ever done!

Massage, touch and healing…

Its amazing how much you can learn and feel about a person from just touching them.
Too many people now days are hung up on the ultra PC personal space and sexullity of touch.

Touch doesn’t have to be sexual. There’s relaxation, de-stressing, peace, comfort and friendship; there’s anger, tension, pain, sadness and stress.

Every monday night I have my massage table up and a between 1 and 3 different people over for a massage. Some are stressed, some have been working out at the gym, some just need a moment of me time to relax!

The difference you feel after some deep tissue work, getting rid of the horrible toxins stored up in cramped muscles! Taking something thats so tight and making it pliable and soft is great! Seeing someone’s shoulders drop a good two inches!

It truly is rewarding to be able help people in such a simple way! As a kinstetic person its great to do something with my hands as well as my Brain!

Oh and if your in Auckland, let me know if you want one
And if you’re feeling stressed or tried, getting headaches – I RECOMMEND it.
I have asian massages, I find they know what they are doing and focus more on pressure points which I find releases the tension more effectively. God I need one right now!

Love ya HEAPS all!!

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