Society is full of lies and bullshit it tries to feed us every day. If we’re insecure about how we look we’ll buy anti-aging cream and those pills that make cellulite go away.  When we’re told that relationships / marriage is the ultimate goal in life, we buy that online dating subscription.  When we’re told that photoshopped models are what we should aspire to we buy into size-ist bullshit, weightless programs, skin whitening, and that gym membership.

PEOPLE.  You don’t need to listen to that crap.  I wrote this list for myself when I was feeling so low and my self confidence had been through the ringer.  It’s aaagggeees since I wrote this, and I’ve rediscovered myself in a whole new way, reinvented, and let my wings take me into this wild adventure of life.  Celebrate yourself, just the way you are.  YOU are an incredible human. I challenge you to read this, and write your own list… I love you.

  • You are beautiful
  • You are worth loving
  • You are easy to love
  • You have a beautiful big heart
  • You are not too needy or too emotional
  • You can be co-dependant and still independent at the same time
  • You love your friends and care about them and how your actions impact them
  • You have an amazing spiritual journey that is 100% valid
  • You have beautiful intuitive and empathic powers that you should always trust
  • You love moving and shouldn’t stop because it makes you happy
  • You have an amazing gift for sharing love and happiness with others so don’t stop
  • You are outgoing and gregarious
  • You are also stable and balanced and in control
  • You are beautifully grounded and content with who you are in yourself
  • You don’t need anyone else to feel stability and groundedness
  • It is 100% of if you do also feel grounded and stability with someone else too
  • Things that don’t work out are not a reflection on you, just an opportunity to grow
  • You are loyal
  • You are caring
  • You put others in front of yourself, but also know when to stop and where your boundaries are
  • You have a gift of communicating what is going on for you
  • You have a gift of the ability to share your feelings
  • You are beautifully open and vulnerable, don’t stop doing this
  • You are amazingly in touch with your body, celebrate this
  • You are able to feel, and empathise with others picking up on what’s going on for them
  • You are not too much or too full on
  • Your little tornado of creative energy IS okay
  • You are creative
  • You are amazingly driven and have an incredible sense of passion
  • Your ability to get things done is a gift
  • You are also able to finish things, & you have steadiness in you to follow it all the way through
  • You have a gift of being able to make amazing connections and networks
  • You are perfectly bright, never let that colourfulness stop shining
  • You are confident
  • You are a goddess
  • You have the courage and bravery to handle anything that comes your way
  • You are gentle and approachable
  • Having an active sex drive IS okay and normal
  • Wanting and desiring intimacy is beautiful
  • The desire to love and be with someone is hard wired into us/ normal, you’re lucky: double dose
  • Magick and manifestation is beautiful spirituality and a beautiful path to follow
  • You’re ability to take risks and seek adventure is amazing
  • Your ability to catch yourself out when something doesn’t sit right with you is a gift
  • Your willingness to work hard, compromise & build something despite hardness is phenomenal
  • You are not a creepy predator (so stop being shy and standing in the corner and not even saying boo to a goose)
  • You have talent
  • You can sing
  • Being an emotional being is a beautiful thing and rare and special

I hope you write your own lists <3 share them, burn them, celebrate them. You are MAGICK