Working backwards…

Berlin is the PUNK capital of the world – i even bought a post card that says so!

Google Tacheles and Zapata…. they’re amazing!! ahah..

This place is amazing its about 8 storeys high and is an art gallery, night club venue tho NOT for your high heels and hand bags!! Bar, Cafe, and FULL of amazing grafiti!

And amazing sculptures made out of bizzare stuff all welded together!!

It looked like a giant weta growing out of the bar and its all lit up red ( my flash bleached it a bit)

Yep I’m still a poser haha the backgrounds are now INTERNATIONAL and still pink and shiney – what a surprise!

I have my own white top hat YAY its so not gonna be white when I come back it a propper wool one too and did not cost me $200 NZD like they wanted to charge me! lol

Gay Clubbing in brighton… Golly it took me the whole rest of the weekend to recover!!! haha Lea is the most amazing girl ever. I don’t get hangovers really but golly it took a good day or two for my body temperature to return to normal hehe……

BUT i looooooooooved it – see haha

I am your FRESH friend.. bet you didn’t know styrofoam came in pink COUCH shape… and incredibly comfortable I WANT ONE!

Thats about 3 stores off the ground and MASSIVE!!

The belin wall was pretty awesome too..

This is an old portion, its all tagged and beat up…

But they are acutally in the process of restoring the whole thing and turning it into a masterpiece of politcal art.

here is some of the new at/ graffiti

It was pretty awe inspring… I did thing the wall was higher tho.. but yea barbed razor wire and rifle men that would work :-/

I’ve a day or so more here then back to London then more shopping then off to LAX… BRING IT ON!!!

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