In the southern Hemisphere its Winter…. well and truly COLD.   I’ve just moved house so I litterally have less than 100 metres to walk to get to work.   The cold snap is totally a wakeup call…  followed swiftly with a strong cup of coffee from the Little Cake Kitchen  – White Chocolate Mocha or Ginger, Lemon and Honey… Mmmmmm Delicious first thing as a wake up or pick me up!

I’m looking out the window for work and over the last few hours have watch a pea soup fogg lift of the city.  There’s still a little remaining over the harbour.. its so beautiful…  Monday morning there was patches of sun shining through the fog which to me looked like fairy fingers or a disco building….

My pet hate is the idea of turning into hybernating bears in the winter… Staying home and vegging out on the couch.  That has its time and place in someones arms all wrapped up nice and cosy.  Cold weather shouldn’t be an excuse…  Wind, rain and stormy weather… now that’s another story… 
So I haven’t been hybernating obviously I’ve been out and about – Performing and dressing up like a giant oversized pink doll girl.  Oh and playing Roller Derby! 

Drag Queens and Tits… the two most opposite things in the world right!?  Love it!

Roller Derby – Another amazing sport full of stong minded women who are not afraid to speak their minds, drink lots, give each other a bash or two on the track and wear “Shiney Whore Tights” and spanky pants in public.   These girls are my family… of sorts anyway…  My advice to any derby girl…  – Dont ever lose your ‘non-derby’ friends… 

This is my inspiration for a painting I’m currently working on for my wife!
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