Life – Respect

Respect. This one word runs true to be the most important in such a lifestyle that may seem to be a rollercoaster ride of mischief and mayhem. Weather it is giving people the respect they deserve or demanding respect for yourself and what you do from others.

It’s a two way street

Relationship Respect. Respect must be in relationships however strange and uncharted they might be. For example the dominatrix & slave, the straight male and the bi-sexual girl, and the promoter & talent or dj

Sometimes one has to temporarily burn bridges in situations that might compromise life, the level of respect or ones reputation and character… In the long run, if you earn the respect you’ll make out of it a stronger and more deeper friendship.

Professionalism and fun – One can get so lost in that world of the virtual, imaginary and ‘E-life’ that they are not capable of real personal interaction which brings them down the level of children getting all riled up on Instant Messaging fights. On the flip side people can get so caught up with ego, fame or an immature desire to popular and cool that they also loose focus of reality.

Regardless of the bad things life can throw you or the reactions of people who don’t understand what or why your doing something; stand tall and proud for who you are, believe in and what you live for and the world will recognise it and look up to you.

I am a Priestess, this is my lifestyle, this is my religion, and dance is my form of worship, photography is my art, my passion is to spread Colour, Love, Hope and a desire to Succeed.

I will stand tall on high heels for what I believe in.

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