I’ve been everything from really sad to really happy in the last 2 weeks. I think my body is struggling to keep up…

All I can say is “Friends” I can’t thankyou guys enough for being there and looking after me. I’ve always been a firm believer, that Friends are the Family you choose for yourself. And I don’t think I could have had that proven to more than ever before like NOW…

I’ve had hugs, I’ve had walks through almost deserted parks at night, texts, emails and phone calls. Thankyou.. I really kept me from spinning off the rails!

I think I’m going to skip the bad bits, cos I’ve never been good at writing about painful or sad things. That is my private life. The things that make me who I am. Anyways unless you were on the hunt for sadistic depressing reality tv it wouldn’t be all that rivitingly exciting to read either.

Last night I went out with the girls… about 8 of them.. and it was party time. I wasn’t the only one a little emotionally raw either, so it was nice to have some like minded company around me feeling exactly the same sared/ excited / nervousness as I was!
I’ve never been a Kareoke person

NEVER… right… I’ve sung SingStar before and enjoyed it, but thats about it. Not being highly musical, not really knowing the tune or the lyrics and trying to belt them out a microphone has never really appealed. Its one of those things that facinates me in a annoying kind of way tho. Like one day it will be a challenge that will be beaten down… Mwahaha


Why do I like going out? Why do I like Clubbing? Is there a certain type of party I prefer over another?

No not really, I love any music that has meaning, a true REALness to it and a big lump of attitude. Theres the lazy sunday afternoon music, theres the rocky jump around and theres the sexy “gotta move my hips and dance” music. This week has been one of those multi dimentional musical weeks.

I went to Masters of Metal last friday. Old men in terrible wigs wearing lycra spandex in the most appaling ways:
and stuffed.

However musicians will be musicians – its all rock n roll on the Road right? And they played fantastically. It was a whole night of the best Rock anthem covers I’d heard in ages. AND I knew 90% of the songs they sang, so I could sing along… *singing along makes me happy*

I forgot what I was going to write next… but I have found me a little place to call home… which is nice… it makes me feel calm. I like knowing I have something planned, something more settled. Me the wild one still needs a spot of consistancy and “safe” in my life..

I did find pretty pink things on TradeMe

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