So some days I really can’t be bothered with technology. I have an apple iPod touch and an adroid phone. I couldn’t work out how to save imbed on the android, and now… Cos this what I do in bed at 11:30pm I can’t work how to post whith out inserting a URL. Which is possible form this but such a gawd damn pain in the ass.

I have realized that I now have very few men in my life. So I wanted to thank those who are for being worth it. 90% of boys I know are tesosterone fueled idiots.. Where are the old schoo gents? Ladies and gents I want some one to sweep me off my feet again, and question my sexuality…. Feeling like you made the right choice all the time s a little predictable.

Oh and I was reading porn blog today… Love it, makes me wanna get kinky again!

Till all that happens however. – this.

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