One of the delightful pleasures of forplay and (for me)bi-sexuallity.

I’ve met few men that can kiss better than a girl, and I’ve only kissed a couple of girls that didn’t make me tingle completely from head to toe!

Kissing is an art and not all kisses are created equal…

The tender, gentle “I love you” kiss
The “You taste devine, savour the moment” french kiss
The strong “I want you” kiss
The slow “sending shivers down my spine” kiss
The gentle “my special thing” peck on the cheek

I could go on forever!!!

The secret to great kissing is variety. Sometimes you’re gentle,
sometimes you’re rough. Ouch! Tease your partner with a little bite on
the lips — as if you can’t control yourself and want to eat them up.

French kissing involves tongue contact, and there’s really no right or wrong way to do it. But there certainly are plenty of preferences! The secret to great french kissing is responsiveness. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you let your partner lead.
Don’t just use your tongue like a dart!

Virtually everyone remembers their first French kiss. It was a great experience for some and more like a tongue-war for others. But since then, we’ve all learned that French kissing is a very personal and sensual experience.

Since women’s lips are their number one erogenous zone, it’s very important for men to leave a lasting, eroticized impression with women. Remember that if you French kiss her like no other, you’ll probably get to kiss something else soon afterwards…

Positioning your hands on her body while kissing her is especially important too. Holding her face firmly but gently while you slip your tongue inside her mouth and suck on her lips will definitely make her toes curl.
As well, pulling her hair back from the back roots or slightly squeezing the part of her body that is located right under her breasts (her ribs) could make for some very tantalizing kissing sessions.


Kissing your partner is probably one of the most important parts of lovemaking altogether.
Since people often give out what they would like to receive, pay attention to the way she kisses you — that’s probably the way she wants you to kiss her. Does she bite on your lips or try to gently suck all the saliva off your tongue? Well there’s nothing in the world like the gift of reciprocity!

Don’t be shy, you’re not confined to kissing just her lips… there’s a whole face and body to explore. Why not French kiss her chin, her neck and her breasts? Or kiss her eyes, the spot behind her ears or her wrists.

Remember that everything starts with a kiss….

Kissing facts:
According to recent research conducted by a German psychologist, most people (66 percent) turn their head to the right when kissing so that the noses don’t bump.

Bad breath — use gum to keep your mouth sweet.
Boring kisses — vary the intensity, the tempo, the duration.
Silence — every now and then say something sweet.
Too much tongue — don’t suffocate your partner.
Rigor Mortis — keep your hands caressing your lover.

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