I survived a three week Juice Detox: Aka not Fat Sick and Nearly Dead!!

Thanks to Joe, Breville and Haystac PR I wouldn’t have done this detox and be feeling as good as I do today.  Click in to see more!

I did it for three weeks and thought I’d finally write about how it all went.  The good, the bad, the ugly and the outcome afterwards!  I LOVE my juicer, veggies and living healthy.

Knowing my juicer was going to arrive I began preparing for my juice detox by quitting coffee.  That was probably the most single handedly hardest thing I had to do.  Now it’s been four weeks since I had one and the last one I had kept me awake almost all night.  Not something I’m keen to continue.  Motivation not to drink coffee increasing – love of a delicious Starbucks White Chocolate Caramel Mocha, not really decreasing.  *sigh*

I may have referred to this somewhat briefly in the past but here it is.  I’m Gluten intolerant and have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  Thank fully I’m only intolerant not allergic.  So I’d already cut most carbohydrates out of my diet, aside from rice crackers, corn thins and the odd piece of gluten free toast I was eating a mainly pescetarian diet high in protein and dairy.

Reading Joe’s book for inspiration and motivation was easy.  So was day one.  The headache that started at 3 pm on Monday afternoon was not easy.  Dehydration people if you are doing this don’t forget to drink water.  Just because your drinking litres of juice does not mean you are all good.  Being the height of summer here also didn’t help.  By the middle of day two I was feeling better and way more hydrated and the headache was starting to leave.  My routine went something a little like this:
Breakfast till noon one full jug of (800 ish mls of juice) of green juice or orange (carrots celery & citrus)
Lunch If I didn’t come home about 12:30 to 1 pm ish I wasn’t surviving and starting to feel absolutely starving!  The longer on the detox the longer I’d go till I felt so hungry.  Lunch was the hardest also.  My desk is very close to my office kitchen which constantly smells of sizzling bacon, melting cheese, hot pastry etc. etc.. Not fair! Not fair at all!

The first weekend I was quite good! I stuck to my juice detox and prepared two bottles to take out with me so I had food to keep going.  Mid afternoon we ran into a fresh juice stall and I nearly had kittens. It was cold and delicious – and gone in 2 seconds. I could have bought two if not for the festival stall prices. Other than one small “fruit” slip up I was an angel!  And when I mean fruit I mean fejoa and passion fruit and when I say fruit I mean fermented fruit.  And by fermented fruit I kind of mean cider.  Delicious, and straight to my head.  Half a bottle and I was quite happy! Be warned!

The second weekend I had HEAPS on and was flat out.  I added some fresh fruit into my diet for the day and some additional liquid.  That night was a bad one however.  Extreme exhaustion, no solid food, alcohol (oops) and a late night = a very vulnerable  emotional version of me!  Thank fully I had a Gf really sensibly taking the teary me home to bed at a reasonably early hour.  It meant for a wee slip up next morning with a few meat items. DELICIOUS.  Oh and raw mushrooms with avocado on them.  Nom…

Week three:  
By week three I was starting to get tired of the constant juicing.  I still loved how my body felt but the effort prep and clean up was getting a bit much.  However it is called a detox for a reason, it isn’t a full time diet!  I was also occasionally adding in a solid piece of fruit or two.  Evenings were the hardest with delicious tasty morsels wafting their smells up my nose.

The first couple of days I expected to but glued to the bathroom but wasn’t which really surprised me.  Once I was slowly cleaned out though I have a really quick digestion turn around which from someone who’s battled with IBS is AWESOME.  🙂  But you really don’t want more details.

To top it all off I’ve lost a few kilos too.  Self Confidence for the win!!  Fitting into clothes I haven’t worn in five years!!  AMAZING.  But its been hard work.   I’ve been performing and running around like crazy, and when I haven’t been performing I’ve been doing 3 3.5 – 4 kilometre runs in the evening after work.  Conveniently timed with a full moon which makes me super restless anyway!

TRY IT- DO IT – JUICE IT… Just don’t expect it to be easy.  Also keep up the veggie variation so you don’t get bored taste-buds!

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