Sick… on anti biotics and the weather is SH*THOUSE!

I’ve got a heap to write, but since its Wednesday already and I’m only just writing now, I’m gonna keep it brief!

Friday = working. Waitressing, which is good experience, I am to become UBER cocktail maker! Then a romantic dinner out. But being sick that pretty much all wore me out. So it was home to bed quite early for a Friday!


I never seem to be able to have a quiet one. First the rehearsal for this Friday’s performance at Pony Club for the afterparty. Then sorting out various people with costumes, then off to DHnF!

Deep Hard and Funky – wow for a sold out event and being at Vector Arena was pretty awesome. Music was rather commercial, but if you like a good anthem with a hearty dose of atmosphere then WHY NOT!??

I had my Super Hero hair on and I don’t think it would have been possible to have more photos take of me. I was also interviewed breifly by Alt Tv, Good to catch up with those cats! It was a crazy night and shitty out side (which sucked as my Jacket was stolen) but what can ya do.. All my photos are up both on my website but also on So check em out!


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