It’s okay to hurt

It’s okay to feel like you have a little gremlin sitting on your chest.

It’s okay to have no appetite

It’s okay to feel nervous or apprehensions

Remember it’s not your fault or about you

You don’t need to make yourself small any more

You don’t need to censor yourself

You don’t need to worry about saying the wrong thing

You don’t need to worry whether she’ll be herself and connect with you

You don’t need to turn the tap of affection on or off any more

You love yourself and your friends

There’s so many ways to find an outlet for that love for people who want and need it and doesn’t need to be romantic

You won’t die alone

You’re adorable and someone is getting their shit sorted to be ready to date you somewhere out there

You’re growing and maturing

This experience is only making you stronger and teaching you more about what’s really important for yourself

You have happiness inside you

Dancing and exercise makes you happy

Being completely yourself is the most fulfilling thing you can do

From that place of completely loving yourself wholly you can love someone else

The little gremlin gets lighter when you off load or write or download

You are not someone who bottles up emotions

You know how to share and are really good at it

Don’t stop just because it hurts

Hurting is just proof you have big love