Its not a hobby its a lifestyle is a common quote among religiously addicted derby girls. To a point where if the derby girl is dating somone who doesn’t support the derby lifestyle said girl is either:  Not playing derby anymore or the derby girl and afore said partner are no longer together… Its a pretty harsh reality.  Why am I writing about this?  Well I’m a notorius workaholic or bordaline hyperactive, and try to cram far too much into my life that inevitably leads to me catching the flu, having a minor melt down or quitting one activity and then regretting it later.

I love being busy and I love doing a huge amount of crazy activities – Gym, Ceroc/Latin dance, Acrobatics, Burlesque, boxing and potentially this coming year referreeing Roller Derby. Mad? Yes, oh and these are all evening, weekend or extramurial activities. Not metioning that I blog, organise a Burlesque brand in NZ called Queerlesque and work 9-5 in adult education, L&D type role.

I suppose you could say I have a work, personal life balance. I work hard both, but this year for the sake of my health I’m really thinking can I fit everything in?  Or from my determined can-do, can’t say no attitude.. “How can I do all of this, not go mad, and not burn out!?” My girl friend and I were having a talk about my schedule and lifestyle and she jokingly suggested she be my manager.. Not a silly idea, right?

So early nights, vitamins and eating healthy is the first thing I’m going to focus on.. Burlesque generally isn’t to stressful, I enjoy dancing, making up routines, and costume shopping. I try and keep a diary on me most of the time so I can book myself in propperly with out double booking.  Really I should get with the times and switch from a hard copy to all electronic Google Calendar system but its so hard to let go of my beautiful diary/ FiloFax style organiser! Come on – its pink!  At least I can sync Facebook events that I’ve agreed to attend with my google calendar / phone notifications.  Handy I must say – if you don’t do it… its relatively simple to do, just once you’ve update the calendar double check if your phone is on auto or manual sync.

As far as exercise and sporting activities go, I miss Roller Derby.. I took a huiatius in July 2011 and am now thinking about returning, for 2012.  I’m looking at Reffing as I love the game, love to be involved in it and help out where I can but have to keep in mind my Burlesque earns me money and giant bruises all over my body (I really do bruise like a peach!) is really not a good look and can look horrible covered in makeup. Definitely a compromise between the two but I think it will be do-able.  SO once the season starts I’ll find out how the derby time table fits into my schedule – Lets see if I can make this lifestyle WORK!  Wish me luck!!

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