Winter has given me super itchy feet!  Talking to a Pommy friend of mine however, comparing the dull greyness of English winter to the Southern Hemisphere winter has allerted me to a couple of things.

1) Kiwi’s / those of us in the Southern Hemisphere complain allot and don’t reall have it all that bad.

2) The Northen Hemisphere has CHRISTMAS to break up the drudgery of their winter.  Lets institue a Southern Hemisphere mid winter holiday season.  (I’m being serious. All our public holidays fall mostly in summer we have to wait till Labour weekend for the next holiday and then its pretty much the begginning of Spring!)

3) I’m being a whiney Kiwi.

So!!  I’m doing something about it, which unfortunately involves saving every cent and trying REALLY really hard not to buy makeup, shoes, costumes or clothes!  DAMMIT.  I shouldn’t really complain, at least I have access to the means to travel!  Count your blessings, right?

THIS weekend – Wellington for a romantic/girly weekend away!  Woohoo.  Staying at this place on Cuba street.  We’re going to drive down and I plan on taking ALL of the photos.  Why not right?  Its an 8 hour drive but

15th September Te Awamutu Burlesque show – my Aunty and Uncle live there and I love a good excuse to visit.  NZ is gorgeous so going for a road trip down is going to be really lovely.  Anyone want to swap cars for the weekend?  I don’t want to drive my little Datsun that far.
29th September Wellington for another Burlesque show should be a lovely weekend.  I’m loving gettig to travel domestically.  New Zealand is truely a beautiful place. If your a city slicker or drowing in suburbia go visit your own country.  Too many of us forget to see the place we live in when yearning to go overseas!

21st October again… just for a show, but as its the same weekend as The NZ Tempo Dance festival and I’ve one, possibly two shows in Auckland on the same weekend, I doubt it’ll be much of a relaxation time..  Labour weekend I’ll be working my Burlesque butt off!  Ironic, but I can’t wait.

Talking about ACUTAL travel however, my partner and I are off to the Philipines for New Years. I am definately a little aprehensive but we’re doing due dilligence to our travel plans which is helping.  This is probably the first trip I’m going on that I’ve really handed the organisational reigns over on.

Control Freak -1
Delegation + 100

It’s a good thing, or that’s what I’m telling myself.  If I’m loosely involved I’m not going to freak myself out by the what-if’s and only focus on the adventure and beautiful new country and culture I’m going to visit!!  My partner is Philipino, so it’ll be a real eye opener to her family heritage and culture.

THIS is actually where we’re looking at staying! 
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