Having been really sick for a over a week I haven’t spend much time on the internet or on my poor wee blog.  However I think its a good reminder of what real life is.  Its getting out of the house, away from the computer or mobile. Or getting out the art and crafts, the hot glue, the scissors and the sequins.  Or the flour, sugar and  spices!

Do it.  Turn off the internet, the wifi, your mobile data.  Stop the email alerts, the twitter notifications. You can do it. Even if its only for a day.  Its amazing how much you can do on a day not connected to the web at your right hip.

Bake something

Bedazzle something or embrace your alternative spirit and cover it in studs!

Put feathers on something… earrings a head-dress, handbag or fascinator. YES these are gorgeous – DO it!

Go to a haberdashery shop and buy some curious buttons, applique or sparkly trim.  Even if you have it sitting around till you do that painting that needs a 3D effect or adding a pizzazz to an outfit.  

Dance around the living room or the park at sun-set.  Its exhilarating!

Take a break from the web. From social media, Facebook or those pesky work to mobile email sync!  Turn it all off.  You’ll thank me later. 
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