The Club Kid all grown up

I’ve always said, “when I grow up” I’m gonna do something that
makes a difference and that helps people!

Back in the early 2000’s when most of my weekends had me pink hair, bright colours and ready to dance dance dance! At the time I just didn’t know what that something would be. Phlossy Roxx the burlesque performer, blogger and general poser you used to know is here to tell you, she’s has grown up just a little. 

Across the ditch in Melbourne, I’ve acquired a slight Aussie accent AND I started a amazing wee project designed to make a difference and help people!

With an official name change behind me, countless business-y forms and a HUGE amount of time invested into research, learning different coding languages, and a whole bunch of trial and error – The Rockwell Project has been born!
The Rockwell Project Welcome video
Taking photos of kids in dreamland has now morphed into taking photos of extraordinary people following their dreams. My unique experience in front of a camera has grown into a photography and film portfolio, showcasing people and their stories, businesses and life journeys!

Building websites for charities here in Victoria, producing a tarot e-book, a women’s Goddess leadership course and filming elevator pitches – my teenage dream of helping others learn, share their knowledge and passions AND make a difference to their lives has finally become a reality!

I’m sure you can imagine, doing things a little differently with a splash of outrageousness has always been my style… I invite YOU to be part of this project with me!

Do you need help to sharing your project and passions with the world?

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