Lately you might have noticed I’ve been mentioning and contributing to an amazing on-line creative community!  Its full of interesting articles, interviews, news and job opportunities!  I recently covered Fashion Week for them also, and as a follow up they asked to Interview me!  

TBI Q&A: Phlossy Roxx

12 September 2012

Following on from her coverage of New Zealand Fashion Week, we thought it was a good idea to introduce one of our latest contributors – blogger and burlesque performer Miss Phlossy Roxx. And what better way than a TBI Q&A!
During what hours of the day do you feel most inspired?
Between 5:30pm and 10:30 pm which is perfect as I get to snuggle up on the couch or in bed and tap-tap-tap away on my laptop to get an article out.
How would a good friend describe your aesthetic or style?
I really didn’t know how to answer this question so I put social media to the test and asked, and this is what the result was: “Pink, Retro chic, Your own, Eccentric and loud, Contemporary neo-burlesque with a dash of glitter, a sprinkling of ‘Bad to the bone’ and a unique demeanour with a delightfully naughty and perverted view of fashion, Super-future 50s rockabilly!, Funky, Eclectic, pink, unique, bold, bigger –brighter- better, edgy princess, A vivid collision of light and darkness, Extravagantly, overwhelmingly WUNDERBAR!!!!!, Pink Pixel-Punk Princess and (my favourite) My Little Pony meets Beetle-juice.”

And it keeps on going

What aspect of your creative practice gives you the biggest thrill?  


Networking, meeting new people and hearing their stories about what they do and why.  It is a huge inspiration to meet people working in creative industries and the conventional or non-conventional ways they got there.  I’m very lucky to be able to constantly surround myself with positive and driven people  – it’s exciting!
How does your environment affect your work?
A lot.  I’m hugely affected by weather and sunshine (or lack of), so winter has been rough maintaining my momentum and not burning out with all the projects I’ve taken on board.  However being aware of this myself has helped me make sure I’m in a space that makes it easy to concentrate or keep up my vitamins and veggie intake. 
Do you like to look at the big picture or focus on the details?
Naturally I’m very kinaesthetic and big picture focused, but writing a blog and promoting small events has really meant that I’ve had to learn or flunk out all of the detailed sides of my projects.  Learning to delegate to people who are experts in a specific area, although hard has really helped things along and I get to work with like-minded interesting people!
What’s your number one business tip for surviving (and thriving) in the creative industries?
Don’t try and do it alone.  Find a mentor or someone you can turn to for advice or inspiration.  Because they are separated from your day to day life they can see big open opportunities that you might not and encourage you to pursue things when you might not be confident initially.  Even if you’re doing something completely unique there’ll be someone who’s been there done that with all the business, technical or support side of things which we might struggle with.
Which of your projects to date has given you the most satisfaction?
Can I name more than one?  My blog is growing and taking me places I didn’t think I’d end up.  I wouldn’t say I’m satisfied with it, as that to me speaks of achieving something and not looking to progress, but I’m definitely very proud of it and excited about where it could end up.

As a producer I never expected to have a successful monthly event running so well in such a short time, in the LGBTI community.  I’ve now got a very strong national brand and huge and diverse following. October 11th is the Queerlesque events’ first birthday bash and we are already planning our event and involvement in Auckland’s upcoming and renewed Pride Festival in February next year.

Who or what has inspired you recently?
TED Talks, which I’ve been listening to a number of online recently, are great.  It’s really made me think, why can’t I share what wee nuggets I’ve learned over the last 10 years be valuable to someone else here too?  “Ideas ARE worth spreading” so why am I not doing it.  Hopefully this inspiration will continue to develop into a bigger project but that’s all I can tell you right now.
Tell us a bit about your background
I never went to a public school.  My parents were very religious and decided to home-school me for the first seven years of my life.  I then went to a tiny private Christian school for a couple of years before going back to home-schooling.  Although that has meant I don’t have any formal qualifications like School C or Bursary, I’ve been determined to not let that stop me achieving anything.  I went straight into the work force at 17 and have worked my way into working full time in writing, developing mixed media and online learning, blogging and producing increasingly larger events.   
Tell us a bit about your career
Having gladly left the world of sales and account management five years ago, I moved into adult education and writing.  I currently write and develop on-line and multimedia learning, soft skill and up skill programs.   I’m really enjoying combining my love of writing with my interest in web, web platforms and social media. With the world of education moving more and more into the remote, mobile and interactive space its exciting using the web for sharing creative content in moving, audio, visual and interactive ways. When I’m not creating learning content, I’m at home sprawled out somewhere blogging.
Tell us a bit about your recent and upcoming projects
I have just recovered (literally) from covering NZ Fashion Week for my own blog and The Big Idea.  From deciding to do it completely green eight months ago to having now done it, I’ve really learned so much.

Upcoming I am focusing on performing as I’m part of NZ’s Tempo Dance Festival show Lily Loca’s Vaudeville Cabaret, travelling to Te Awamutu, Wellington and performing locally almost every weekend for the next couple of months!  I’m very excited about Tempo Dance Festival as it’s a high calibre New Zealand event at the new Q Theatre meaning lots of rehearsals and brand new and exciting costumes.

If you could go back and choose a completely different career path to the one you’ve chosen, what would it be?
When I was really little I thought I’d grow up to be a Ballet Dancer! When I was 18 I got offered two jobs at the same time, one was a legal secretary and the other was a telephone relationship manager.  I always think back to making that decision and wonder how different my life would have been had I decided to pursue law not people skills.  Briefly, for a couple of seconds before I shake it off and feel so relieved I didn’t!
What place is always with you, wherever you go?
This was a particularly tough question, but I’ve settled on Burning Man.  I’ve never really thought about a ‘place’ always being with me since I went in 2009.  Burning Man to me is somewhere I can belong and can participate.  It’s a place where I WASN’T the weirdest kid in the classroom.  There was always somebody there who’d thought up something crazy and exciting I’d never even considered let alone thought possible in the middle of a giant desert.
What’s the best way to listen to music, and why?
Loud?  In all seriousness, if I had the time to categorise all my music by mood category it would be amazing, but I don’t.  I have put together a couple of mix-tapes myself on 8tracks, of music I like to listen to when working and there are hundreds of others on the site and app to choose from. I prefer it to Spotify because you can play a variety of music in a session not song by song.
You are given a piece of string, a stick and some fabric. What do you make?
A Flag.  I’ve always wanted to have my own Coat of Arms, and what better place to put them, than on a flag!
What’s the best stress relief advice you’ve ever been given?
Turn off your computer and disconnect from the Internet.
What’s great about today?
Today is one of the most beautiful days I’ve seen Auckland have in a long time.  Clear baby blue sky in pretty light shades of pastel, a fresh crisp breeze and sunshine.   Vitamin D, serotonin and endorphin heaven for me – that and Oh, its Hump day.

What’s your big idea for 2013?

Become multi national!  Why shouldn’t I be able to do what I’m doing anywhere in the world and make it effective, lucrative and fully mobile!

* * * The Big Idea 10th Birthday Questions * * *

What does The Big Idea mean to you?
To me it’s your BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  Something that is big picture, out on a limb, a risk or a stretch, something inspirational you dream big to achieve.  The Big Idea website is those opportunities brought to you and people with that same desire, vision and their own BHAG’s in one creative community.

What changes have you noticed in the past 10 years?

How about changes in the last five years even?!  Learning, development and writing is becoming less paper based, more mobile and interactive.  Classrooms, newspapers and news are so much more instant, accessible and honest.  Companies and brands can’t just run a 6pm news advert for that to be all the awareness of their brand, customers can now share and have an opinion that will get noticed and gain momentum, positive or negative.
What are some of the opportunities and challenges for the next decade?
Keeping up with a generation of youngsters that have grown up on technology and watching how manual labour industries endeavour to keep themselves relevant in a digital age.

There’s always going to be more and more competition in a new industry so ensuring that you stay unique will remain a full time job!

Opportunities: online, blogging and social media will have more and more integration and recognition from mainstream media.  Shifting attitudes will take the negative emphasis away from blogging and make it a positive and more streamlined machine, leaving less and less room for average and poor quality content.
Also, with the digital sphere shifting and big advancements coming with new technologies that we might not even have thought of coming out, things will change.  Apparently augmented reality is about to blow our minds!

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