I was inspired to do this by another Myspace friend Tamara, her website is http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LmlwdWtlZ2xhbW91ci5jb20= – check it out!
Anyways rather funny…

Yea – I’d hope so, I generally delete and definately don’t post up the ones where I look like ASS.. How bout you?!
Over here, “New World” is a supermarket chain… Haha… Oh and since I have more “myspace friends” than you, arn’t you part of MY WORLD? (he has 43 friends)
I’ve had about 5 emails of romantic poems from this guy, but – I am not woo’d yet! **PUKE** Romance **PUKE**
My head is fine thanks, and if I listened to the music on everyone’s profiles I’d still be here if you were to go to Timbucktwo and back!
Just cos you’ve said I’m hot doesn’t make me 1) interested, or 2) think your remotely likely to get emailed photos
O-M-G You’re SOOOO origional!
I thought my profile was obvious enough that I’m not looking to hookup or sex..? I’m here for friends and networking… Oh and BTW good on ya, your still not my type. But thanks
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