Who inspires you? Could you on the spot name 6 people that you consider inspirational?  They could be living, dead, famous, friends or family.  I did this exercise recently then explored it a little deeper to figure out why I picked them and what it was about them that really stood out for me.

Some of the people I picked were as follows:

Lady Gaga   My Nana   Donald Trump   Tyra Banks   and Gala Darling

Why did I pick these people?  They each have done or are doing something pretty special that I wish to emulate, and from that I have taken it a layer deeper and picked out things I consider as deep rooted Values to me!

In no particular order let me elaborate.

My Grandmother was amazing. She passed away earlier this year at age 89.  She lived through the Christchurch earthquakes unphased. She raised 5 kids on a canterbury farm singlehandedly as a young widdow!  She was an absolute firecracker not stopping despite 2 hip replacements, maintianing a picture perfect garden, homestays and driving herslef around to her fitness class and to visit family on the other side of town. She never gave up and passed away in the garden doing something she loved – all be it rather extreme!

Lady Gaga.  Now I know not everyone is a fan of her music but she is a chameleon and really not afraid to do what she believes in or dress how she wishes to.  I really admire that focus and “I’m gonna do it anyway” ness!  She is always pushing the boundries and supporting the GLBT community.

Donald Trump, ok I think he’s a little bit of a show pony but I suppose you could say I am too.  However he really has excellent business sense.  I really need to take on alittle of his “preparing for the future” mindset myself. To add to that though, I think the biggest thing that comes out of his shows for me is that he has a very strong work ethic, is very competitive and determined to get what he wants.  Family and those who are close to him tho also come across as really important.  These are big things for me, and probably areas I could work a little harder on – how bout you?

Gala Darling. She’s a sweet bloggeress who has really made a career out of her writing.  Making a business out of what you enjoy doing, who wouldn’t want to do that!

Its certainly high on my goal list and something I’m working towards. The thing I love about Gala tho is that she never seems to lose sight of wanting to help other people on her journey.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the saying that goes something along the lines of…. “Take everyone with you on the road to the top and you’ll have a whole lot friends and support when you get there.  Stab everyone in the back on your way to the top and you’ll always be looking over your shoulder, worrying who will take you down”

Tyra Banks. Modeling isnt a life time career, so to be able to do something new and create a world wide sensation / franchise – wow good on her!  Have a name market yourself into a Brand! Why not?  Also when criticized about her weight in a magasine she rather publicly hit back!!  Good on her for standing up for not being a stick figured woman.  We all might strive for that, but being comfortable in ones own skin is something worth fighting the media stereotypes!

So my Values.. well there’s a pretty common theme right?

Determination despite all 
Business sense 
Do something you really enjoy
Be yourself
Love freely and care for those around you

I think the way I word these changes regularly but the pattern and destination goals are the same…

Try it yourself.  Go through 6 people who inspire you, break it down to what it is, then why that really means something special to you!

Getting to know yourself is EXCITING!
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