I was feeling guilty for not having posted anything on my blog this afternoon, but after thinking about it a whole lot more I’m not any more. In the last week I’ve packed, moved, played a Derby game, done a pile of driving practice and performed twice!

I don’t like writing when things are I little out of order.. I think my last post was like that and it really doesn’t make sense. (I was thinking about deleting / editing it, but I decided not to because it documets pretty raw feelings and I’m working through them propperly.)
I’m now in a new flat and centered again. I’m preparing a workshop for the Rainbowyouth Hui in June also which is super exciting and am doing a show in Rotarua called Dammed and Flanked this coming weekend. Everything is feeling Fab, pretty in pink! 

I made the mstake of having a coffee this afternoon. I am super sensitive to Caffeine and generally try not to have any after midday. Broke that rule today with the most delicious kaluah mocha from Verona on K road well into the evening. Was rewarding myself for wooing hard all day unpacking and sorting out my sweet new living quarters! (Which are royaly spacious compared with my last castle.) I think next time I’ll have to choose some thing more practical as a reward.

Insomnia is well set in and I’ve decided to take advantage of it raayher than fret! I’ve planned out a mini business plan for #MissPhloss and broken it down into little manageable steps.. Now to get some sleep and make sure I’ve the energy tomorrow to kickstart my plan and function well 9-5 at my day job!

Here’s to sucess, WINNING, everything pink, and the adventure I call life…!


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