One can harp on and on about motivation and inspiration but if your prone to extreme emotional swings and frustration with work or getting somewhere with your career then I completely understand – its not so easy!

Coming out of a super busy period and then into a quiet or lull… even winding down for Christmas can put workaholics like myself in a weird space.  Lost even?!   Feeling fed up with feeling glum and bored has only one remedy…

Doing something about it.
Retail Therapy:

Leopard Wiggle Dress from Pin-up Girl Clothing

Look at photos you love or plan a photo-shoot, even if its just with your little cyber-shot and friends.  Dressing up and prancing around in front of a camera – Or behind it taking silly photos of friends or animals has a sneaky way of improving your self confidence, spirits and making everyone laugh!

Never take yourself too seriously

 Treat yourself!!  Go out for brunch with a friend, visit a Chocolate Cafe or fancy restaurant!

Wear a moustache for no particular reason. If you and find me a pink one EVEN BETTER!

After overdosing on pink, I’m back to listening to Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl to prepare for my Halloween Burlesque Show tomorrow at the Hard Luck Cafe on K Road!  Dark Bloody and Sensual?
Here’s hoping?!!!

Keep reminding yourself you never get anywhere with out fighting for it but doing what makes you happy is always worth if.  Personal satisfaction and independence, isn’t that part of our in-build human need for freedom?  Probably why some people who have worked in a corporate world all their lives go through a mid life crisis when they step back and look at their lives and what they really want and enjoy.

Every day before you go to bed or when you wake up think,  “What have I or am I going to do today to get me closer to my long term goal!?”  Celebrate every little win on your long term journey.  Remember Life is an Adventure!


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