So I’m putting the first bits and pieces together for a club kids calendar for 2009 (new zealand) – its incredibly exciting and nerve wracking at the same time! But at the same time I hope I’m bringing the whole scene closer together and refreshing or exposing to them the clubbing history that is the club kids and party monster of the 80’s and 90’s.

I’ve pretty much confirmed all the themes and photographers now I just have organise the dates and the people to be there for those dates! November is fillin up FAST!!

I have also got rehearsals for a stage show called Queen of the Whole Universe. Its in mid november so I’ll be glad to get my evenings back by then. Under a month away and I’ve got an incredibly tricky routine to perfect, (more so for the fact I have to do it in massive platform heels! EEK… Thankfully no cartwheels!

If I could manage to delegate an assistant would be awesome… But yea… thats so not as easy as it sounds… Perfectionists love perfectionism… which isn’t infact generally perfect at all its just how you did it and ended up happy.

Anyway…. Next year I am traveling around the world…. I think as of this morning flights have been booked to return! The New Zealand to UK exchange rate SUCKS the big KAHUNA… seriously bad. I, by a stroke of luck and some incidental mid morning internet brousing (actually on Live Journal) found out that tickets to Glastonbury festival had just gone on sale…. Of course I panic’d… festivals that large don’t generally have tickets just waiting around for people to buy them…. I jumped on line and immediately found out that buy tickets internationally was neigh on impossible…. Whats with the UK debit card only (eftpos)??????????? OMG… I’m not in the UK – I CAN’T do that… take a Credit card you dumb site… *rage*
Thankfully I have friends in the UK who just so happen to have one of these illusive cards and a NZ bank account (omg hooray) and was the best thing since sliced bread and closed the deal….
Over $1,000 NZD later I have two THREE DAY tickets to Glastonbury… Oh yea the fact that its three days long makes me feel much better about spending that amount of money! Haha…

So for the other events we want to go to I’ll be just keeping my eyes peeled… I really don’t fancy getting them via ticket scalpers once we get there….

(in the UK or ANYWHERE in Europe between June and August!)

Burning Man tickets get released in January… So bring it on! Hopefully I’ll be bringing a Gf along with me for that too! *exciting*

Reality SUCKS
Its hard to come back down to reality – seriously… Iike I have to save up like no tomorow or I’m gonna be stuck, starving and have no shopping money! ๐Ÿ™ I’ve a few unsavoury ideas in that respect… hmmm….

The weekend just gone was fun… I seriously need to curb the amount I’m drinking – seriously OMG CALLORIES!
Friday didn’t help that I don’t think I paid for a single cent of what I drank…

:-O Satruday I did… and fleeced a willing bar tender of $10 (I didn’t have cash on me for a club cover charge) I’ll be repaying my fleecing debt this weekend instead! Haha… I had slight tinges of regret, but mainly was just amused at the situation in general.

Sohomo Club was FANTASTIC…. I felt right at home (despite that I was dressed up and would have gotten in free if I was a drag queen not a girl dressed like one!) Love the music and the equally as eclectic as myself crowd!

The George FM Door list party was the place to be seen and noticed. If you didn’t make it along you just aren’t ‘someone’…. It was definately the ‘SCENE’ New Zealand doesn’t really have one in international standards but for what it was I had a great time. The place was PACKED… I love going to gigs like that where you almost have to crowd surf to get to the front and see ‘a million’ people you know in the space of 5 minutes! I found my two favourite spots and got my boogie on – I just don’t think the photos are up yet… COME ON PEOPLE…

Talking about photos… I fantastically mislaid the charger for my camera battery. Thankfully I still have the battery… So I ripped out the credit card on the weekend and bought a new one which should hopefully arrive today. Then you shall see more video and picture documentation of my life week by week.

I can’t wait to document travelling around the world Blogging, Vlogging and photos…. EXCITING! Here’s hoping we can stay in contact with the internet everywhere! ๐Ÿ˜€

This weekend is an awards ceremony in the Dance Music Scene… which will be interesting!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Saturday I am working at Armageddon! I shall be bringing my lolita outfit out of the cupboard… *Hopefully* it works!

Sunday I’m making a guest appearance at an event called ‘Enlightened’ – I love supporting friends who are getting out there and taking a risk to do something exciting!

Also we’re putting on another KINK party!!! This one is KINK the SLUMBER PARTY – what sexy dreams and nightmares are made of! EEeeek! So far we have planned, pillow fighting, DDR matches… ( I BOUGHT MY OWN DANCE MAT!!) and the normal room lay-out
Sexy Fun
Adventureous kinky
Dark and sensual

The best thing as your not obliged to venture further than you feel comfortable doing… Thats what makes our KINK parties the best. Last party we had about 80 people attend. If this one gets more than 100 we will have to look at moving to a bigger venue. However its a ‘DOOR LIST ONLY’ event… So even if I’m telling you about it here… You’ve got to request your RSVP to come along – Its a safety mecanism to make sure theres an even boy-girl ratio and no predators… Quite simple but PILES of fun!! **EXCITING**

Do I have anything else to talk about…. *thinks*

Oh yes… I need to profess my GYM addiction… I have an idea body figure in mind and I’m not stopping till I get there. I don’t think I’ve been this determined in ages. I have inspiration, motivation… and am fed up with how I look atm. I think I’m making progress but a week or so is far too little to tell. and Weekends are my weekness!

I stand for everyone who was told they can not do something!

Here are some photos from recently…

xxxx lots of love xxxx

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