Pinky and the Brain – yes its my project of world domination!!

Probably something I should work on more often, but I don’t want to burn out… How did my ‘Superhero-dom” arrise? Well often when I’m out I get asked “what are you?” or even dumber “who are you supposed to be?” SO – instead of giving a very boring and typical answer, “I’m me and this is how I am.” I decided I needed an alterego that everyone can relate to, something that even someone who hasn’t watched “Party Monster” can understand!!

Thursday was the Industry only party for the Ministry of Sound Radio show on ZM Featuring “the potbelleez” and “Goodwill” It was awesome… and surprizingly enough I knoew quite allot of people at the event! Nothing worse than turning up to a VIP party and being a loner!

I took lots of photos, a couple of Video’s which should be up soon, and had a brief interview on TV1 regarding NZ music. I’ve not seen the interview.. but I’m told it did go to air! 

Friday I popped out to Takapuna, a stomping ground I haven’t visited in AGES, (sorry) for my babe Jodie’s leaving party… Bon Voyage off to Christchurch – You’ll be back, I guarantee it !!

Then off to work at Fluffy, for a wee bit.. which is always cool **insert Full moon story here** then I headed eventually to the actuall MOS Potbelleez show. And as much as I like good bands I HATE getting “moshed to death” Ugh -horrible. But luckily I managed to escape the Mosh-pit death grip of DOOM…

Saturday was just as Crazy!

Yellow Brick Road at the Crypt started off my night, being an all ages party, it starts early. I loved the venue, being underneath St Pauls church in town.. and the name Ooooohh sounds spooky. Haha… the archatecture was very cool tho being painted all white inside took a wee bit away from it. But lights down, lazers going and 790 people all crammed in made it a pretty amazing experience. I tried to take a few photos but the lense kept steaming up so I didn’t get all that much

Then I was off to the FLIRT 3rd birthday. Now I’m an openly  Bi-Sexual.. I hate the word practicing, but I use it cos there are soo many fakes out there who say they are bi-sexuals but only do it for the “look at me” factor. Personally I am more attracted to females.. (that doesn’t mean I’m gonna jump anything with tits and a pussy) than I am to males… and have an “on and off” type relationship atm.. But anyway it was a big Bash and a ton of fun. Hot girl bands, drag shows and a feature from the musical Prscillia which is in town atm. I sucessfully managed to get a bit tiddly and bounce all over the place. Good times!
On the subject of being Bi-Sexual, I write the events column for Lesbian News Letter the “Auckland L List” and you can subscribe to it if your interested at this email address!

Support the locals!

At the end of the Flirt Party I headed down to a club which never sleeps. Space bar. Its the Dirt Underground of night clubs. An event called Octane was on there and I knew I wouldn’t have missed too much even turning up after 2am! It was going hard…. or “cranking” is the slang term (ugh) haha. I like it as it turns me in to the RadioActive woman. Like a Chemical hazard sign off my head.

I glow..  My hair and quite often, my outfit too! I was busting out my “Frill” as I was wearing a skirt that was far too short to be called anything more than a belt or Cuntscarf if you prefer ! I love it… I love to wear things that push people’s perception of what is acceptable and “fashion”. Like it or lump it… I love having a unique style.

However I will not learn to wear sensible shoes! Its about looks not comfort sometimes! I am the devil’s advocate…
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