Monday I was all laid up, just wanting to curl up in the foetal position and rock slowly back and forth.  That highly strung emotional feeling, where if someone crosses you, you might burst into tears…  Boys- if you’re reading this LISTEN, it’ll stand you in good stead to look after an adoring woman in your life – whether it be a sister, mother, daughter or partner!
Here are 5 things really helped!  
1) Exercise.  As much as it might seem impossible from your curled up position on the couch, this really works.  Decide your level of exercise in relation to the amount of pain your in.  More grumpy, less pain should equal more exercise. More pain proportionate to grumpiness should equal medium to light exercise.  Monday evening I got up and went for a delightful walk in Albert Park after work.  I’d been sitting hunched over my desk all day so stretching my legs and getting some evening sunshine and (city) fresh air was delightful.  If your going for a walk, make sure you go somewhere you can rest or break up your bout of exercise in case of cramp onsets.  Take a small blanket for grass or keep an eye out for handy park benches.  
If your feeling horrible and bloated remember its only a temporary thing and exercise will burn calories as well as help with the physical / mental “Bah-Humbug-ness”!
2) Diet.  Before you roll your eyes at this one, I know every PMS post on the internet generally mentions something about diet.  I’m just suggesting that you eat healthy, with a couple of local alternatives to making it yourself or going out to the grocers to pick up all the veggies and ingredients!  If you live in a central city order HabitualFix!  Its healthy, delivers to your door, and is DELICIOUS! Alternatively your supermarket deli has yummy pre-made salads – inc pasta and carby potato variets ready to go. Bonus with that is you can pick up some chocolate on the way out too.  Remember to get Dark Chocolate tho, its gonna satisfy those chocolate cravings for longer!
 If your feeling crampy, bloated, cranky, and in desperate need of chocolate? Well, apparently now there’s an app for that.

Betty Crocker Warm Delights has launched a new app called PMS SOS, which promises to provide “a little advanced warning, a bit more understanding and support, and a lot of chocolate.”
3)Hot Water Bottle, a warm blanket and a Rom Com!  I spent last night (after my little walk to the park for fresh air) curled up on the couch watching the Time Travelers Wife.  The perfect soppy movie to help me release that emotional tention. Its ok to have a wee cry.  Boys, partners, wives, husbands: if you know its PMS time, just be there for hugs, asking “What’s the matter” can wait till later… 
4) Rant to an understanding group of women. If you are a roller derby girl, they’ll tell you to roll on out and take your frustration out on the track – Not a bad theory really. However as always, that’s not going to suit everyone.  I have an amazing group of close friends I can email or message when I ever I get wound up about something!  They’re sympathetic but also level headed and remind me that my hormonal mood swings are infact temporary! THANK GOODNESS!  
Don’t think you don’t have that support group too… You have your friends’ phone numbers?  Work email addresses or Twitter accounts?  Use them and you’ll probably find they do the same in the future too!
5) Take natural remedies and Vitamins.  Although I’m no doctor, I know there are plenty of mood boosting herbal remedies you can easily get from a chemist.  Serotonin, St John’s Wart, Olive Leaf, a Multi Vitamin, Omega3 to name a few!!  Double check with your doctor if in doubt!!  I take several of these and really notice the difference in my mood if I forget..
All of the above is REALLY not making any difference…??  Look up Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) – there’s plenty of info out there to help ladies!

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