Deciding to write post tonight is the easy part.  Sometimes naming a post is the hard bit!  HOWEVER! I’ll write first name it later.  I’m sure guys have a whole lot they could summon a sympathy vote for, however this week I really did think being a girl had its downsides!  PMS. Right?  Its horrible.  Even worse is the winter blues and PMS.  However – enough complaining really.  Some days there’s sunshine, and for every other there’s hot coffee or St John’s Wart!  (known to be good to treat mild cases of depression)  

Don’t let that southern hemisphere chill kill your buzz!  I’m all wrapped up in a warm blanket as I type this, but that’s beside the point.  Buy a damn thermal!  I picked up gorgeous black and white mink blanket and a winter weight duvet inner which we should have bought months ago really.. Worth every cent!  
 Currently I’m being a Nails-Slut.. visiting every Salon around and getting my nails did.  Watch this space, a couple more to go and I’ll have enough to do a comparison review!  This gorgeous set of acrilics with a Snake-Skin polish were done my DollsHouse nails in the Tony and Guy salon on High Street.  Very stylish, although possibly the most I’ve ever paid for a set!  
Flossie… Phlossy…  That’s me right?  Well its also a fabulous online girls haven of beauty treatments and the such like.  Started quite a while ago, I must say – Could the original flossie please stand up!? My Miss Phloss nick name originating from the “Flossie” nick name.  When I then purchased a number plate (about 10 years ago) [FLOSSIE] was well gone.  Not one to be defeated, I improvised coming up with [PHLOSS] which now has pride of place on my little green datsun.  Since then its just history, or first comes the number plate then comes the URL.  Why not, at the time I didn’t know how I’d use it and boy I’m glad I did.  
However, I LOVE these girls at  They’re young lovely and being social media pioneers which I love!  YUS go them, currently they also are featuring a couple of my favourite people!  My gf and Live & Let Dye salon, where I recently held a Burlesque Workshop and High Tea!!  Check it out! 
Its a magical transformation!  See its honestly quite amazing… Those of us with curly hair will know that just sometimes its a absolute pain in the ass.  However Sarah of Live & Let Dye is a magical genius and makes it work!
And while I’m on the topic of the dapper one pictured above… I’m ACTUALLY going to the Philippines. WoW it scares me a little even saying.  Not that I’m scared of travelling, quite the opposite.  I love it and I love adventures.  However it really has been a while since I decided I’d do something really out of my comfort zone.  Exciting?  Nerve-wracking?  Yes! All of the above.  I’ll be there for three weeks and visiting a number of different places with-in the islands.  At least I’ll have a translator right?  
Can’t say I’m terribly upset about this and the dolphins tho!  
I’ll be meeting the extended family and spending New Years Eve there…! Super exciting.  I’ve been pre warned to bring ear-plugs.  I can’t wait to learn more about the place as we plan our itinerary!  BRING IT ON!
Yours truely

Phlossy Roxx
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