The last couple of days of the holidays I got quite considerably bored. normally when this happens I browse the wonderful world of the web, but due to space constraints and my extreeme dislike of being in close proximity to gamers and their horrendous sound effects, while browsing I garded my sanity and avoided as much digital entertainment as possible.

How to entertain myself then?


Hot Glue, Disco and the discovery channel.

Working along to Meerkat mannor, the eating habbits of whales, bears and hippos is actually rather soothing.
This is my second creation – (i’ll get pictures of the other two tonight)

4 teabags
1 ballet leotard
1 very long string of xmas beads
6 disco balls
1 bag of Swarovski crystals
2 beaded applique
3 large holgraphic crystals
3 metres of silver chiffon
1 packet of pink crystals
1 silver boob tube
coat hanger wire
1 black pvc wrist cuff
1 hot glue gun and shit loads of glue sticks!

And there you have it.

The other items I made were a mini top hat to match and a bra (which I’ll be wearing to Big Day Out with more items I’ve yet to make)… you can sort of se the hat in the below pictures.

This outfit was for saturday. I went to a wedding that afternoon and had the pleasure of drinking DELICIOUS rose wine. Now in making the outfit I had deliberately built in a compartment for a hipflask of vodka which worked PERFECTLY… I’m not say where, but you can guess if you wish.. that shared between 2 of us, on top of the acumulated amount I’d consumed during the day made for a great SEXY time kinda night….

Music, well I should have been paying more attention but I always say its the atmosphere and the people that make a great event! I got to catch up with people from the UK and had a very cool group of us that all went together so all in all… I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

And a couple from Rhythm and Vines…
My self and the Vixens Burlesque troupe.

This is my favourite photo of the whole NYE period… Thank you!
(front page nz herald and dominion post lol)

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