Holiday is generally synonymous with resting, relaxing and social gatherings! Resting from an entire year or working and preparing for a exciting new year ahead. Its almost new years eve, the last few days of December, and 2011.

This year I have moved house 3 times in the last year, I have finished a season of roller Derby then taken a break to focus on my Burlesque.   I really think the biggest thing I’ve learned this year has to be prioritizing what I want to do and focusing one one main thing at a time!

Not having all my energy and evenings disappearing into trainings gave me more time to plan, practice and perform. My favourite “P” words! (Reminds me of the 3’p’s Boy Scouts subscribe to.)  I’ve implemented a new project management tool to help me manage myself (hilarious right?)… and my Burlesque brand. Forgetting things just happens if I don’t write things down and I’ve started to rely super heavily on a calendar to mike sure I am at the right place at the right time. Check out for more about this program.

Next on my priority list for 2012 is settling into my home / apartment I’m planning on (hopefully) taking over the lease and making it my pad; I had an awesome Batchelar pad a couple of years ago so I’ve got most of my own furniture. So excited. Nesting rock n roll style posts coming soon!!

Happy New Years Resolutions everyone!
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