Back at the office and back online.  A conundrum right? I have the internet at home but seem to be to hyperactive to pin myself down to use it.  I’ve done a heap of sports over the holidays, and Kinect (cos that totally counts as exercise- I even worked up a sweat!) but little to no blogging. For Shame.  I’m gonna say I was to busy having a life.  Which is partially true…  It was my endeavour to try and not do any work… I only did one photo-shoot and although I did work on organising my next Burlesque event that was about it.  Lots of Girl-friend time was amazing..  *sigh* It all makes me want to be back on holiday snuggling up on the couch watching silly comedy movies with her again!  I hate the post holiday Blues so here’s to not dwelling on it!!

I’m excited – My flat situation is going to be AWESOME come February –  Cue posts about interior decorating and lots of pink decor and furnishings!!  I even did some pre-emptive art! Pretty rainbow melty pastels art.  No paint-brushes required… because lets face it.. I’m creative but not so vincent van gogh inclined.
I had many bloggy inspirational dreams over the last couple of weeks.. waking up thinking… OH I must write about that.  I need to start writing them down, or keeping a note pad by my bed.  Otherwise when I actually get in front of a computer to write I have writers block.. 

Totally frustrating!

Anyways, I think I ended up surfing Tumblr for entertainment.  Terrible waste of time, but it was pouring with rain outside, quite miserable. Its that or reading articles like this *wow* on Autostraddle! “nsfw-sunday”

My lovely lady and I have been watching this show: LOST GIRL!  Kenzi is amazing I think I’m officially crushing on her and her smart ass witty one-liners!  I love me a little SyFi /Vampy hot girls action!  Watch-it!

Tonight I’m getting my nails done by Monaco Nail Artists   Some thing 3D but possibly not quite as crazy as these!! I’m rather excited!!  I’ve not really seen anything crazy like this around but can’t wait to have my own and photos to show you!!  I’ll be interviewing them too so keep a look out for the article!


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