I’ve spent the morning feeling quite glum, tired and run down.  At lunch time I’d had enough got up shock myself out and decided to bust out of my little rut!  If you hadn’t noticed already, I love the colour pink.  So much that I have pink hair, pink kitchen accessories and appliances, shoes, clothes, pink stationery and websites!  I even have a Tumblr account purely dedicated to pink things….

Anyway, I though this blog could do with a pink tarting up.  This is my inspiration motivation and things I love!! Enjoy the images!
Send all your friends Christmas Cards!!
You will spend time in every section of these circles, enjoy the journey!
Book a romantic date in a cute little hotel with someone!
Eat a cupcake!
Things I love about you:
Keep fighting for success – you will get there!
Tell someone you love them at least once a day!
Keep a diary of your life and cut out silly clippings that make you smile!
Record what motivates you!
If your walking tall and glamorous you will be tall and  glamorous!
What can be imagined can be achieved!
Pink lips.. the key to my heart?
RELAXATION:  Bubble bath, bath bombs and pink smelly deliciousness in the BATH!
My cute little car’s number plate!
WANT: Tarina Tarantino Pink crystal’d roller skates!!
Imagine the world you want in 3D colour!
Do your eyes sparkle like crystals?  Do your lips shine?  YOU are a Star!

Keep things dear to you close to your heart

Look for that sparkle in every day, even in winter there is sunshine
You are beautiful on the inside and the outside
You too can be a free spirit!
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