Recently I posted a list of places to visit in Melbourne, most of which were IN the CBD, now I thought I’d switch it up and list a few places that I’ve really enjoyed that are OUT of the greater city area.  However close enough that they are all less than a two hour drive away.

Kryal Castle

All though more specifically aimed at a younger audience than an older geekier group like us, it was still a fun place to visit.  It was big enough that although it looked like it was over run with small children when they were all sitting down to watch the Live Jousting display.    The displays themselves however complete with live cast playing various roles around the castle, were quite fantastic.  Sitting at the end of the jousting line watching a horse coming full tilt at you after the almighty crash followed by the sound of wood splintering is a wee adrenaline rush in and of its self.

Aradale Mental Asylum – Ghost Tour

Not for the week of constitution. I loved this tour, it was the second I’d been to, and the third that my group of friends had been on.  The institution buildings are extensive and stretch around a grounds and with over 60 buildings on the whole estate, you get toured through 5 or 6 buildings.  The mens wards were definitely creepier than the women’s and the morgue and operating theatre really gave me the heebie jeebies!  Starting at 11 pm and finishing about 1 am it was the most exciting time to visit and learn about the incredible but brutal history of the place.  A+++

Moonlit Animal Sanctuary (second time around)


This was the second time I’ve been to this place, and we choose it over another park that didn’t offer the same interactions with the animals.  Its not huge, but has allot of small animals all over the park and quite a number of endangered birds as well.  The birds could probably be in much bigger enclosures but the kangaroos and wallabies are able to roam free and are tamed by the constant flow of tourists feeding them.  I love this Koala, he is the older of the two the park has and has a quizzical grumpiness about him and perks up at the sound of fresh rustling leaves that he loves to eat!  Gorgeous!

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant 

If you have a winning formula – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it motto then Dracula’s is definitely sticking to it.  With an incredibly talented but small cast of 5 and a host of restaurant staff it runs like an ‘almost’ well oiled machine.  SpiderLash, new show was interesting.  With fancy stage fly’s and elaborate props, my favourite act of the whole night a hydrolic hand solo from one of the female leads.   The “spider” theme was a little thin, with the Vampire concept really keeping the audience on their toes and in stitches.  Vocally and musically amazing this is a great show to see, and it seems that hordes of other other tourists to Melbourne (or from other parts of Aussie) agree.


The supplier of all things chocolaty and OOOooooohh so delicious! The shop in Coberg is the largest delicatessen I’ve ever seen in my life! It’s literally HUGE! Starting with sweet cakes, cheesecakes and macaroons through to a pastry and coffee delectables on to ice cream and sorbet then finally a savory and pizza restaurant at the very end of the long shop. This is a must-visit place!

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