I’m off to Sydney in less than a week and I’m starting not to sleep properly with excitement. I’ve printed a Map of the inner city and marked all the places I want to visit, where I’m staying and the Mardi Gras parade route.. I’ve tickets sorted for most of the events I want to attend and am watching a twitter feed for second release party tickets to one I’ve missed.   I’m trying to be super organised for the best holiday experience I can – DIFFICULT as this week in Auckland is NZ Fashion Festival and I’m attending a pile of events too!
If you don’t currently own a diary – Despite being in the Internet age, get one! Having it all laid out page by page where I’m supposed to be and when helps HEAPS.. My phone calendar acts as more of an alarm system making sure I’m not running late!

BUSINESS CARDS…  As a Blogger and Burlesque dancer I have to have these handy all the time.  I got these to cute we boxes of cards from MOO.com – in the UK. I have over 100 different photographs, one on each card… You could have 200 cards with an individual image on each if you really wanted!  AMAZING right??

My next big hurdle is packing!  I’m scared… I have costumes I need to bring, shoes of course, but I want to leave room for shopping!  Dresses and new shoes please!  I’ve putting up stuff for sale on the #BloggersClosetRaid as part of First Thursdays on K Rd this last couple of weeks so I can justify adding more things into my wardrobe!  Hurrah!
What do I take with me?  

FUDGE:  These amazing people constantly make sure my hair looks amazing.  Supplying me with pink hair dye.  Paintbox Raspberry Beret and Pink Moon are my favourite combination.  Did you know however that the styling products come in travel size?  WOW how amazing!  Aeroplanes have that wonderful safety rule about how many mls liquids in your carry on luggage can be and fair enough.  With naturally curly hair it can be difficult to keep it smooth and silky if the humidity levels are up.  So glad I’ll be all sorted this time – Thanks Fudge!

MAKEUP:  I have a huge case of the stuff.. I’m really not sure that bringing my entire case is a good use of my 7 or is it 9kg of carry on luggage allowance… let alone having a customs officer rifling through it looking for potential harmful weapons?


One more thing to downsize into a Travel friendly bag and add into my suitcase I think?  *sigh*

While I’m over in Sydney I’m going to be “Reporting”  (loosely) on the Sydney Mardi Gras experience so thank goodness I have a tablet.  See picture above (which doesn’t actually look like a tablet because it comes with a handy dandy docking station).   I will have to look up and see if there’s an Android App that highlights all the free WIFI hot spots in Sydney… There’s an App that does just the same in Auckland and other major NZ cities too… If you don’t have it, I recommend!

I’ll have to take my external hard drive (nerd alert) so I can store all the photos I’m planning on taking easily for upload!   Keep an eye on this blog for links to photos!  You can live vicariously though my amateur photo journalism.

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