I’ve always had a dream.  A dream of not working for the man.  Funny – Burning Man, growing up reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “Who moved my cheese”..  What would you expect from this colourful adventure seeking part time hippie!?  Yes. SELF employed.
Back in New Zealand I was (kind sometimes still am) part of an amazing blogging community.  These amazing people blogged their hearts out – www.danijustis.com www.aych.com being two of my favourites.  I kinda did however I was, I’m an ashamedly admitting it – in it for the fun, parties and perks.  One of THOSE bloggers.   I had a full time job and flexible hours when I needed them to run off for a week to Fashion week or other events.  GLAMOUROUS.
Well you’d think so, mainly it’s a huge amount of planning, writing about things you do, and can feel SUPER narcissistic if you really aren’t clear about what or why you’re doing it.  It wasn’t a business for me, so I often felt bad.  Or felt super cheeky when I got stuff I felt like I hadn’t earned.

I work in Education.  Education is such a broad industry let me explain.  There are Uni’s and schools.  There is corporate education – this is where I work.  I’ve been doing internal training, Leadership development, sales coaching and a myriad of other things that relate to corporate skill sets and training.  This is cool, rewarding and interesting, but HOW was I going to go into business.  Blogging and doing this kind of education just didn’t connect without me becoming a contractor and just charging higher rates to still do other people’s work!  UGH  Oh well.  I knew it would come sometime, in the interim I’ve been committed to learning as much as I could so I knew I’d be able to promote myself – What ever I knew I’d end up doing.  Preparation much!?  Funny.

THIS WEEKEND – I was at a Tarot workshop and it was the best!  I’ll have more to say about that soon, I just haven’t gotten my ass around to writing all about it yet.  This new blogging energy has only just kicked in.
Any ways, to the point..  This weekend it finally hit me!  I knew what I wanted to do.  More than that I KNEW I would have all the skills I needed to actually make it happen!  I was driving back in my little Turtle 2.0 car from Daylesford and my mind was literally going on HYPER drive.  I love it when this happens.  So full of ideas that I want to ring everyone and talk at 130048589303 miles per hour.  I’m super excited and have been trying to connect with all the people I know who are also in their own businesses because what better than NOT doing everything alone.  Support, questions, etc, I know I’m going to have them.  Bring it on.