What an EPIC event. I’ve just surfaced to the internet after a big weekend… Thanks to everyone for their help and support!
I can’t wait to see all the photos from the night!!
Best moment for me would be watchin Menno de Jong standing on the DJ table! He had COMPLETE control of that crowd. The energy was so contageous! I didn’t want to stop at all the whole night! Gosh, I sure crashed out hard and slept like a baby when I got home in the morning!

Sander van dorn, what an awesome guy, on and off stage! The number of hillarious moments that night are too many to name!
Only thing I’m gutted about about is missing.. the Cocaine song… its one of my favourites. I’ve no idea where I would have been at the time! :rofl:
To all my crew – YOU ROCK! Bring on the next event!

Big thank you to Gigantos photography, AFlickion Digital, and WillSeal, and more.

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