I’ve always been a dreamer and I love house decorating.  When I was out on the weekend at DFO I couldn’t help but snap pictures of these gorgeous items of furniture.  The princess within me wants to decorate my abode with fanciful luxuary.  Take a look and enjoy!


Button back couches, poofs, or bedheads – I have a complete weakness for you all.  “Get in moi house!”  There is such a sense of gratuitous opulence when you look at a well upholstered piece of furniture!  I’m not sure I’d use such busy wall paper and the lamp in the above photo is a tad boring but I’d take the couch in a heart beat.

One day I’m going to have part of my house open to use as a photography studio.   The number of times I’ve walked into a shop and wanted to drape myself glamorously over their stock has happened more times than I can keep count!

 I have a collection of pink appliances in my kitchen and nearly had kittens a couple of weeks ago when I went to Harvey Normans and saw an entire range of pink kitchen ware.  Despite knowing I’d possibly not use most of the appliances on a regular basis I STILL want them all decorating my bench.

 And just because I love you all my readers, here is a gorgeous girl with pink hair, doing her makeup in a pink bathroom.  It makes me smile – how can you not with so much pink.  It is even “scientifically” proven to have a positive effect on the brain.

Choose furniture that makes you enjoy being at home, your house is your castle!  It is worth the effort to decorate it right so when you’re home you are relaxed and enjoying your surroundings.  Even if it is covering the garden with solar powered fairy lights!

Trust me it works xxx

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