This week has been fun in the office!  I got to play with a whole lot of awesome toys!  I really enjoy working with Technology so when things like this come into my hands to play with and test I get quite excited!  I’m a little bit of an undercover geek.  Probably not a good one, but if you gonna “talk nerdy” to me – I’ll get the general drift of what your on about!
At the moment I’m doing a spec’s comparison because I still haven’t decided which pad/ tablet I want to get!  Hmmmm decisions!  Its like deciding between two sex toys – except you get to try one of them out first!  It doesn’t really make the decision any easier but its a fun process!
Also we have new HD webcams which I’m very proud to say that we got for an absolute STEAL.. I’m that kind of shopper.  I want the best quality, the highest specifications for the least number of dollars!  Hard to please right.  Well we got them up and running an look what the fancy software can do!  
Webinars and remote training have never been so much fun!
And just for good measure! GIANT GLASSES


Aren’t I sexy?
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