Friends are the Family you choose for yourself
I’m the pink sheep of the family, the odd one out. In most families I’d be the ‘one that went astray.’ I’m the oldest, the one that most likely gave my parents all their grey hairs. I’m not religious and my family are, and I’m a little gay and *cough* outrageous.

The point of all that was to really say that I’m not so close with my family. I love them to bits, but if men are from Mars and Women are from Venus I must be from a whole other planet!

The people I really get along with and hold close to me are my friends.. My besties, my ‘bro’s and hoe’s’. I’ve known some of these people for over five years now.. the more ‘grown-up’ of my Peter Pan life..

I really admire people who are still friends (like actual friends, not just on facebook) with people they were close with in highschool. Growing up and keeping in contact with these people isn’t always easy especially as things you do, like and appreciate tends to change.

“back in the old days when I was just a spring chicken dears, we did this and this”

 But aside from scaring myself that I’m sounding old and grown-up (gawdforbid) its true. When I was at school I was a preppy goody two shoes who only got one detention ever (for being caught in the sports shed with a boy). I had frizzy mousy brown hair down to my waist, no dress sense AT ALL, and mostly wore miss matching colours and floor length denim skirts like a consciencious Mormon (my family is Reformed Baptist).
I feel like I couldn’t be more of a polar oposite person comparing that to who I am now. Becuase I also never went to University (College) / Tech I dont have that gap year friends, so the friends I have now I’m holding on to – YOU’RE ALL AMAZING Be tee dub! Tonight I’ve planned a little get together with these awesome beings!

From the ages of 18 to 20 I wondered why I never felt like I had real friends (maybe partly why I created myself a ‘personality’ that attracted attention) and in hindsight I only had what I call now “Weekend Friends”. The friends that you only see out at events, parties and clubs. These friends are generally quite fickle and if you stop attending events you by defult lose these friends.

Consequentially its super important to me to catch up with my besties not on a weekend – somewhere we can have deep and meaningful chats and catch up without having to shout over 120dB of sound.
I like to attempt to be a good host. And now that I’m again living in an apartment I’m relaxed and comfortable in I’m gonna start having shin-digs again. My favourite type of party is a “Pizza-party”. Here’s how it works – I recommend you try it!

Everyone brings an ingredient or two for a pizza of their choice… so if you have vegatarians or friends with dietry requirements its really easy to cater for them. Someone might bring cheese and tomato paste, someone might bring feta and spinach, someone might bring olives and sundried tomatoes. Depending on how creative you all are the more amazing your pizza creations will be.

Along with an ingredient or two I tell my girls to bring a bevvie of their choice along with them… Cos unless your made of money or drinking on a weekend then providing drinks for all your friends is expensive.

So everyone tends to take turns making a pizza or two and depending on how many will fit in your oven at a time and the number of guests you’ve invited its a great way to have fun, spark easy conversation while keeping your hands occupied and ensures your guests get fed without feeling full and bloated with a 3 course meal. With a decent number of guests and a couple of pizzas every 20 minutes or so everyone gets a slice or two geting them nicely tipsy with just enough food in their bellys. Its the best!

I’ve mixed it up (when I was living in my own little batchelor pad) getting everyone to dressup. We did grandparents, uniforms, 80’s, and rock n roll! The photos the next day have been HILLARIOUS!

So make sure you take the time in keeping in contact with you besties. They’re the ones who will look after you when your newly single and dont have anywhere to live, they’re the ones who walk you home when you’ve had FAR too much to drink on a Wednesday night (and wake up not remembering the WALK home) they’re the ones who you look after when they need a place to crash an live far too far away!

Friends are the family you choose for your self. If your not super close with you parents and siblings, don’t neglect them but dont just rely on chatching up at your local pub every weekend to keep those friendships strong!
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