Last week I went to see the NZ première of Joe Cross’s film “Fat, Sick and nearly Dead”.  You can’t deny its an immediately attention grabbing title! Held at the gorgeous La Cigale restaurant and Markets.

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I’ve always been repetitively healthy person.  I dance, run and exercise fairly regularly.  I love veggies and hate most deep fried fast food.  I rarely eat any red meat and love all omega 3 rich sea food. However then the confessions begin.  I love coffee and routinely have one every morning with out fail, Monday to Friday and often on the weekends.  Friday and Saturday often include a bottle or at least several glasses of something sweet bubbly and alcoholic.  This leads to a night time feast of probably something delicious like chicken Fenders from Burger Fuel.  I used to indulge in any kind of deep fried highly processed chicken thing, but have successfully removed that from my diet for over a year now.  Why – you ask?

Other than it looking like pink ice cream in manufacture (shudder) all products like that are coated with batter, and although delicious I’m now diagnosed Gluten Intolerant.  Woohoo Yay! So if I was to keep eating any kind of gluten product I get all backed up and constipated for days.  Queue crippling pains in the gut, cramping, yellow skin, and one very miserable Phlossy.  No Thank You!  That is not for me, which is good cos it makes saying no to that mouth watering looking cup-cake or cake or pie or subway sandwich slightly easier… 

So I have this bundle and you can get it too here:  ReBoot with Joe  and I was SUPER lucky to receive a golden envelope from Breville in my take-away bag.  I’m now eagerly awaiting the arrival of a Breville Juice Fountain Plus.  Can you believe this is a detox I’m looking forward to doing.  Delicious, good, healthy and easy to do.

I’m really trying hard to get a head start by buying and eating allot more fruit and veggies  in the meantime.  Right now I’m working really hard to NOT buy my Tall White Chocolate Caramel Mocha-chino, because all that caffeine, sugar and dairy will hit me harder if that all stops suddenly come my ReBoot detox! *le Sigh*

I’m pledging to be a healthier me for 2013 and you all are my witnesses!!

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