I’m reporting from a biased point of view.  I have pink hair and have had for about 8 years almost continuously.  It takes allot of upkeep but has been worth it the entire time.  It has turned into quite a trade mark for me, if I changed my hair colour I don’t think anyone would recognise me. (Bonus?!) And like most other things if you look hard enough you can find day to day normative examples of something different.  I thought I’d do just that.

Today society and fashion has opened its mind and broadened its horizons to accept that we can change the colour of our hair.  We can express our individuality and creativity outwardly in a semi permanent way (other than just covering our bodies with tattoos or piercings.  Pink is such a bright, beautiful and energetic colour its fantastic to be able to wear it every day!
These days getting the colour is easy, a dash of bleach to lighten your natural hair if necessary, and then add colour!  HUZZAR! Shades of pink vary and colours can be mixed together to form all new shades all together.
How to get pink hair?
COLOUR BUG – Temporary
 FUDGE PAINTBOX – Semi Permanent (My Sponsor and my favourite dye!)

 MANIC PANIC – Semi Permanent.  Also very popular but doesn’t last as long, but brilliant for the more pastel shades rather than highlighter bright.

 Special Effects (FX)  – Semi Permanent.  Big in America and very bright.  Comes in larger bottles which is great for those with long hair or who re colour often.

 Experiment with it a little, its exciting and can make a beautiful fashion statement!  I highly recommend.  Its very hard to be blue and grumpy with a full head of bright pink hair!
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