Fashion now.. sex later…
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So I’m in the middle of writing a blog about fashion. I left the other half at work!

Mainly its about how much I just laugh when people are so desperate to keep up with whats in their woman’s weeklies.  Celebrities in magazines have access to clothes right off the run way, obviously not everyone else does!!

So what’s the point? Its a bit like comparing our dial-up internet with world wide broadband speeds actually!

I say develop your own fashion style and if you get bored of it CHANGE it. I’m doing that all the time. Of course if we all had millions in the bank if would be an easy exercise but if you don’t, what’s to say it still can’t happen?!

I was watching Ugly Betty last night and the wardrobe mistress Christina (I love her attitude) said “Fashion can make you feel good or feel $10,000”  I’d rather feel $10,000 all the time!

I think its true, it doesn’t have to be a Gucci bag but it could be you’ve spoilt your self with something little, or something that is bright or DARING… Go on wear something a little dashing or or a bit brighter than normal, it can’t hurt!

My mum used to tell me that everyone has a colour.  Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn…
I think an Autumn… I have pinky red hair at the moment… Maybe the colour of a red fallen oak leaf sharply contrasted against the earthy browns and greens below it.

I have to get some pictures soon.
So Autumn-y colours… If you find what suits you and you feel happy and comfortable in!
Feeling good in what you wear is important.
It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.
– Vivienne Westwood

But in saying that, make it your own!
I prefer to do something a little over the top, than half heartedly… It makes it more fun and who is going to remember you for being just the same as everyone else?

I don’t expect my kind of attitude is going work for everyone but if you explore a little enjoy and have fun!
Hugs and kisses..


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