Fashion Week has a prodigious sound about it… The kind of event your average Jane either isn’t interested in or can’t get into. NZ Fashion Festival is exciting, fun and the festival ring about it always excites a carnival of ideas in my head.  This Video the work of  make-up artist Amber D of M.A.C, stylist Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Track from the brilliant MAYA VANYA! (Who are smoking hot babes, just saying!)

If you want to go along to be part of the madness (as will I) then you can get your tickets here: iTickets  I’ve my eye on these!  M.A.C. (forever), Behind the Scenes (cos lets face it that’s where all the excitement and creativity goes on) and the Collections!  Click the images below for the relevant event detail.

Being in style in season is always a crazy juggling act but with this it all becomes easier.. Get the inside scoop on Winter Collections at the runway show featuring:

  • A La Robe
  • Whiri
  • Annah Stretton (The shiznit!  I have lots of her stuff and love the mishmash of it all)
  • Marilyn Seyb by Kimberlys
  • Lennox
  • Whos Henri?
  • Gregory
  • Farmers featuring Sabine, Principals +more
  • Ricochet
    Stand by for more information about the Fashion Festival as the event grows closer and closer!!    See you there Ladies and stylish Gents!  I’m rather excited its hard not to bounce around at my desk, (the video tune is catchy right..)!
    Oh and this!!  Time to top up my wardrobe, though me thinks I’d better do a big wardrobe clean out and donate all to Charity before I fill it right up again on amazing goodies from here!
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