So becasue of Anzac day it was a long weekend.. The weather has been cold, hot, wet, humid and foggy all in 3 days..

Thursday I was a VIP at Wigarama… lots of fun, Queens from all over town, Auckland, out of town and Sydney all for a Charitable cause.. Glam rock on… wigs, curls, bling and tiaras…

I spent most of the night with the Flirt Police..

Friday was Floorplay… and a special tribute to Anzac… Everyone donned their army gear and showed up in full force.. I went to support my girl Miss Doodes – She’s such a hottie! The whole floor loved her and her music…
*cough* so much fun, but even tho I hate it seeing the house all clean and tiday afterwards is such a reward. No more costumes everywhere. I’ve now got it all sorted in a “dressing room” in the basement! All I need is a wardrobe rack and more mirrors! Haha
It was raining out side so I didn’t feel like I missed much getting out and about!
Saturday evening… Three nights in a row is kinda taxing… I hadn’t really drunk much each night so thankfully no headaches!! Was feeling a little less bouncy, but really enjoyed catching up with firends… At one point I just dance for a couple of hours straight.. *lost in the music* It was awesome…
Well thats the not so dramatic side of my weekend…
Was coming down to New Market from town.. I’m pretty streetwise so not too worried about being by myself in town.. But after Friday night I’ll be allot more wary. A guy also waiting at my bus stop got randomly attacked for simply “Ignoring” someone… The offender was intoxicated and a little aggressive…

I’ve never moved so fast to get out of the way and call the police! I felt terrible tho, my bus came and I wasn’t wanting to wait around to find out what happened, but I felt horrible leaving them behind, however an ambulance went past me a couple of minutes later, so I’m hoping it was for him! 

Really shook me up for a bit… It amazed how many people didn’t seem to care..
And not quite as Dramatic:
I’d been having some email conversations with a family member… and It came to a point where it reinforced my feeling of being a total black sheep out of a heard of white ones. My family is staunch Baptists, and altho I believe a Deity exists I don’t conform to any “religion”.
It really seems that because my lifestyle isn’t want they want I’ll never please them and they’ll never simply love me and accept me for who I am! I’m sure some of you have experienced similar situations… Everything seeming to take a negative spin.
From: Hey you’ve lost weight and are looking good, how did you do it?
To: Oh heard you’ve been using pills to loose wight – is that true?

Actually I’ve been working my butt off at the gym and trying to to eat shit food!

Haha… Its at the point now where I don’t feel like I owe the world any more favours for putting my foot down and just being me! I’ve had enough grovelling, and pretending to be someone I’m not!
I believe “family” should be a combined sided effort from everyone to make things work not silence with an accusational puppet trying to paint the black sheep white!
Thanks to my special friends for looking after me!


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