Its the little things that make my day. The event actually went off COMPLETELY with out a hitch and PACKED out… I was almost in a state of shock and extascy the whole night!   For my first MAJOR event being the creative event manager it was a huge learning curve, VERY exciting and I really wouldn’t have been able to make it happend with out EVERYONES help!!

I can only but pass on my gratitude to all the people who helped me make the party happen, the boys on tickets and businessy stuff, the performers and everyone who worked setting up and behind the scenes. I could NOT have done it other wise.

Music is a really really important thing to me so I am super glad that that made a difference and was noticed. I thought bringing some different faces and tallents would be a risk but it played off SO much better than I expected!

Dressing up and creating an atmosphere is what I take pride in doing, so I’m glad it was appreciated, and I was stoaked to see others joining in, and getting up and grooving on stage too.   I LOVED having an amazing act with female performers on the main stage – they’re an amazing burleque troupe..


My CLUB KIDS- I love you all SO much!  thankyou!

I must say that Jon was a HUGE help in keeping me sane and focused – and on the day everything went totally to plan, it was almost surreal!

Thankyou to you and everyone who came with you for coming, I really really appreciated it. I had a great time and I’m thrilled you all did too!


I recieved this email this morning:

Hey luv,
I just wanted to give you some feedback on last night. I absolutely loved the Hero Party.. Please give my warmest thanks to you and your crew!
I loved how there were heaps of hot girls as well as hot boys. I loved how you had tonnes of entertainment and not just a drag show. I thought it was great that you had all your dancers up on the stage pretty much most of the night as it helps keep the atmosphere going.
The costumes and the effort and your crew and many others went to to dress up was fantastic!! Next year I’m so going extra all out!
I liked how there was all sorts of music but most of all, and this might be something you might like to pass on to the DJ’s was that there was FINALLY at a gay club night, up to date quality funky diva house and some of the latest electro that’s out there later on in the evening. This is something we never get on the gay scene. It’s usually old, old, old house that you’ve heard too many times.
! 🙂 xxx

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