The Grand Ballroom at the Langham hotel has become a regular host to glamorous events of all kinds to the WORLD Brand NZ fashion show just be for last year’s fashion week, to this amazing CHEESE event.  Oh my lordy me!  There was cheese for Africa. The ticket price was a quite steep $30 which is slightly more than the recent Seafood festival and the Food and Wine festival for which the ticket prices have been around the $20 mark.  However I was nicely surprised at the value for that ticket!!

Upon entering the ballroom each guest was offered a delicious Pinot Gris or a Moa Beer, through out the ballroom there were tables with bottles of still water to refresh your pallet or bowls of fancy bread to break up and go with the cheese tasters.  Click in to see more!

When you walked in you were give a little plate and a napkin and then from there it was a free-for-all Taste a-thon!!  OMG Ever where Cheese-gasms!!  I’ve taken pictures of all my favourite cheeses.  Not all are available as blocks to retail. However you can purchase them from Deli’s such as Farrow etc..

 Gold Medal Winning Whitestone Double cream Camembert
 Double cream Blue and single cream blue – totally to die for!
 Cheese wedding cake anyone?


 The nicest Goat Camembert of the day!

Who knew there was a school for cheese making!!  I think I’ve one more exciting thing to do, added to my Bucket list!!

Puhoi valley – Local NZ cheese.  If you’ve never been up to Pohoi Valley Pub its totally worth a visit and the cheese is delicious!!  I could have eaten a whole block!!!  Its a good thing my Juice Detox finished last week because I wouldn’t have been strong enough to resist all of the cheesy deliciousness.

And, yes the cheese dreams thing is real…!!

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