Crystal Magick

Labradorite Crystal Magick

I love Labradorite. To me it’s magickal.  The flashes of blues, greens, yellows and sometimes even pinky purples blow my mind! Coming from New Zealand I’ve always loved greenstone, or Jade.  Labradorite has since stolen my heart, and I’ve started making necklaces featuring predominately Labradorite.  Following and respecting the Māori, the indigenous inhabitants of New Zealand before the white man, these necklaces are made after the style of a traditional Māori Toki necklace binding. The Toki is a symbol of courage and strength in times of adversity, often worn by Māori elders as a symbol of power, wisdom and authority. These are not Toki necklaces, as not made of greenstone, only bound in a similar style with waxed cord.

Download this infographic that shares more about Labradorite, it’s uses, meanings, and healing properties of Labradorite, here.

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