BbPink hair has always been my signature brand colour.  I’ve had pink hair for over 8 years now with only a small 2 month horrible stint of black hair.   I didn’t expect to see many other coloured locks at Fashion Week, and was super excited when there was!!  I love colour; amazing to see to lots of it all around fashion.

Fashion Row ran a piece, ran a wee piece too, and I’m sure that’s just only the ones I know about.  If your looking at joining the coloured hair trend, here’s some great tips by Little Black Book on Pastel hair.

Samantha Connon
Riddle Me This – Photo by
Riddle Me This – Photo by
Annah Stretton
Phoenix Cosmetics

TV3’s Fashion Front Row:

Aych, myself and Sacha of Coup de Main

Little Black Book:

Emily and I
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