Some of you might know that many years ago I used to do Irish Dancing. When I say “do”  I mean absolutely obsessive about it. Living, breathing, eating and sleeping it.  Passion quite simply put.

However I didn’t realise that Coco Rocha who also recently featured on America’s Next Top Model was scouted at an Irish Dancing competition when she was much younger!  She became well known as the Irish Dancing model.

Model Coco Rocha talks about her early life as Irish Dancer before entering the world of high fashion and her Irish jig down Jean Paul Gaultiers runway in 2007, dubbed by American Vogue “The Coco Moment”.

JIG is the new documentary on the world of Irish dance by Sue Bourne. Released across America June 17th, 2011.

Additional filming, editing and production by James Conran with kind assistance and footage from the office of Jean Paul Gaultier.

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