So I wrote a big long blog on Friday last week and the internet ATE it. Or I took to long to do it and the page timed out. Normally I copy it before I hit post. guess I won’t be making that mistake again!
So the last two weeks.. I actually have to get my calendar out cos I can’t remember everything. I write this diary blog so that I don’t forget my life, cos sometimes it all turns into one big blur..

So the end of November was all a big lead up to Halloween. I had cocktail training on wednesday the 22nd… I can now make the most fabulous Choctini, Appletini and Strawberry Daqurie…. I’m going to order the ingredients in bulk so I can make punch bowls full of it! 
Friday the 24th was an “Internet Awards Party” Even little new zealand has its own scene!! Funniest moment ever – sitting on the couch at the end yelling at people that they were at an Internet party IRL. Gosh could we sound any nerdier?!

Oh yea did I mention I won 5 awards? When I wrote the last blog I posted a picture for each one, but I can’t be bothered this time round. It was hillarious, and cos I was in such a great mood I even ended up giving two of my awards away to other people who were in the same category. I love to share. No one ever got to the top being a backstabbing bitch!
Best Scene Personality, Exhibitionist, Most Photogenic, Best Dress Up Costume and The Raving Mad Award. – gosh!

Saturday the 25th was Armageddon… Working there one day for Nocturne Magazine… It was a heap of fun. I even dressed down.. but it was fun hanging out with good friends and helping out!
Sunday (its was a long weekend) 26th I had a very busy day. Cocktail waitressing at a halloween party (even the oldies dressed up) From there I headed to a good friends of mine and grabbed a bite to eat! Baked smoked salmon – oh DEVINE.. second only to smoked trout! Then I headed to a party called “Enlightened” It was a great time and very well put on party!

Monday was all about recovery! I think I caught a chill as I’ve not been feeling so wonderful since.
Thrusday 30th was a small bite of what I’d love to be doing every day. I had a Photoshoot with a friend of mine up from Christchurch, depending on how the photos come out I might use one a the calendar Centrefold! We’ll just have to see! Then from there I popped up the road and helped choregraphy the last minute of a show girl routine for then I rushed down to the Auckland university studios for a photoshoot of the Midnight Rock n Roll Circus girls for my “Club Kid and Friends” 2009 Calendar Here.

Club Kids are the brightest thing in the club scene since Crayola made crayons…
The Club Kids were a group of young club goers led by Michael Alig and James St. James in the late 1980s and early 1990s This group was famous for their outrageous costumes and extensive media attrention. At one point, they were on the payroll of several clubs including Limelight and Studio 54 for showing up with an entourage of Club Kids in order to draw more customers to the clubs. They featured in a documentary and feature film both called Party Monster by Club Kid James St. James.

Read the full article here READ it is fabulously terrible… But has created so much pop and underground history! Even New Zealand can be part of a bigger international culutre!
I have photoshoots organised for 3 dates coming up in November, another photographer working on two more and 3 or 4 more to organise before the end of december. I know exactly what I want, and will make sure it happens!
Halloween was fun… Its a shame trick or treating isn’t a bigger thing here. I think people are so wrapped up in being safety conscious its ruined it a little… Partys are great but never make the full package.
I’ve always loved being creative. Weather its designing, decorating, creating painting scrapbooking or writing. On the saturday just gone I helped create a jungle. For a small budget it turned out really well..! If I had to do it again I would have had more people to help and more trees! Haha… the 6am pack down was amusing with a drunk promoter, but getting out of bed after 3 hours sleep was NOT fun!

Next year is the big trip… I’m more and more excited every day. Three summers in a row and 4 and a half months of traveling around the world!

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