Things I love Thursday: A day off!

Things I love Thursday: A day off!

Well the last month and half has absolutely flown by!! Work, house, furnishings, shopping, getting lost, dogs, heat wave, 6 degree weather, autumn, Burlesque shows, public transport, trams, trains and busses, car shopping, warm clothes shopping, discovering DFO, Queen Victoria Markets, epic vintage shops, and I could keep going for hours.  Thanks Melbourne for being awesome.  Post move loneliness is lessening as I go out an meet more people (and get propositioned!!) and learn my way around!!

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In this making friends business I have decided to be as pro-active as possible, despite getting made fun of for doing so at home.  Socially awkward?  No, just determined not to be a Nigel-no-mates.  Oh and its actually an interesting experiment.  You can make friends on a train.

Today it has been super windy and we’ve had at least two drastic weather changes.  I’m just up to close the door and turn the heater on cos it’s started raining now.  Officially the temperature was supposed to be 15 degrees which isn’t too shabby but with the wind and the rain actually outside Melbourne temperature is sitting around 5 or 6 degrees right now.   The last two days its been Onsie’s to bed and triple layers of leggings and tops to keep warm.  I really should write and Aucklander’s guide to living in cold weather one day.   I suppose however we timed it right so that as next summer rolls around we’ll be all ready for the toasty heat!!


ANYWAY today I decided that I really didn’t want to go to work.  I had a meeting in the morning in Collingwood and I’ve Swing Dance class tonight in Fitzroy.  Exciting!  With not quite knowing how to get around and how long it would take I decided to flag the stress and relax today so that I’m not rushing all over  town stressing out.  Oh yes and today is Wednesday not Thursday. LOL

On my adventures I took a few photos!  I had my nails re done with glittery lavender Shallac and discovered the most amazing vintage store called My Delirium.  It is only once in a blue moon I walk into a shop and find something instantly that I just have to add to my wardrobe regardless of the price.  The spikey jacket in the above photos being just that kind of thing!!  WOW  If you are coming to Melbourne in the near future this is on my TOP 10 places to visit and is just off Brunswick Street, on Johnston Street, Fitzroy.  Just down the road a little further is delicious cafe called The Food Store where I stopped to warm my chilly fingers with a yummy Mocha and managed to take my first ever selfie photo with both sets of fingers in it.  I’m grinning away as I immagine you laughing and rolling your eyes at me.  Dorky yes, but a bloggers first world problem!


 And when I got home I decided to cook.  Being the first time I’ve cooked in Melbourne! Well more than making a quick dinner for one, and or heating up food.  Really I’ve been incredibly lazy on the meals front.  There are some incredibly delicious places to eat around the area we are living in.  Thai, Indian, Noodle-Box, Mexican, and Turkish etc etc.

So today I made Gluten free double chocolate muffins.  Oh and they are SO delicious, nice and light with out that a-typical gluten-free downfall – the heavy cardboard taste. Hallelujah!  I’m still getting used to our gas stove and oven so in the first five minutes I burned the tops of them, but thankfully with some quick thinking and left over batter, they were saved.  I whipped of the top burned bits, plopped a tiny bit more batter onto each one and popped them back into the oven at a much lower shelf level.  This oven only has heat from the top so I’m getting used to where things have to sit! SUCCESS!!

One my gorgeous friends from work recently mentioned to me Bacon Cupcakes!  I nearly died!  If you’ve seen the viral video “Bacon, bacon, pancakes” my delicious “Bacon, bacon, cupcakes” are the best thing in the world and I’d gladly vie them against pancakes any day!

My new pink cupcake tins lined with bacon, a couple of chopped up pieces of sun-dried tomato, some Halumi cheese, a sprinkling of cajun spices and egg! DONE!! Grill till the cheese goes bubbly and golden, and it should come out looking out like this!

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Things I love Thursday: Melbourne Edition!

Things I love Thursday: Melbourne Edition!

I’ve been writing a Things I love Thursday Blog Series for quite a while.  I find it a great way to check in with myself, take stock of what I’ve been up to and enjoy what I’m looking forward to.  Its not designed to be a sure fire “happy-fix” but its one small building block in counting your blessings and trying to stay on the bright side of life.
I don’t mean to lecture so here is my “Things I love Thursday” Melbourne edition! Click in to see more!

I’ve booked three gigs in Melbourne now over the next couple of months.. something which I thought was going to take so much longer too do.  Here is the first Poster out! YAAAAY!!

I created a Mermaid routine and I love it… its one of my favourite acts now and it seems to be going down a treat.  Its quite different from my normal cheese-cake style which is even better!

I feel like I fit in Melbourne and I have quite a few NZ friends already here.  Now just to meet all the awesome locals.  I feel a bit like a stalker when I say this but really I don’t care. YOU’RE INTERESTING BE MY FRIEND.. or maybe I shouldn’t use that as my opening line. (You get the gist, I’m a little crazy!)
I’m coming back to Auckland this weekend for a CRAZY weekend.


And if course lots of hugs from all my lovely “family” in Auckland… I love the fact there is so much on this weekend and some of my favourite out-of-town friends will be around.  What perfect time to catch up!!

Things have been a total roller coaster ride the last two weeks. Adventure is what I wanted, adventure is certainly what I’m getting!!! 😀  Yup, I’m still addicted to travelling and I can’t wait to get on a plane again. Gypsy!



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Things I love Thursday!!

Things I love Thursday!!

Some 2012 Things I love Thursday posts Here and Here

It’s about time I wrote another of these… I’ve been running around like a headless chicken working my butt off as a producer, performer, model, and Blogger, its really time that I stopped and smelled the roses… So today here are all the things I am thankful for!  I’m loving my life right now so its the opportune time to stop and say thank you to the Universe and all the amazing people I love and love to have around! Click in to see more!

Family time…  I saw a cute quote the other day that said ” Friends: When can I come over?, Close friends: I’m coming over. Best friends: In your living room already”  It really does have an element of truth.  I love a busy house full of people, laughing, chilling, and hanging out having fun!

Photo by Aych

Food. I know this seems a weird thing to put on my “Things I love” list since I’m doing a ReBoot Detox right now. Fruit and veggies, I love them I have to confess and its awesome having access to such a huge variety of delicious fresh sweet NOMMY food that’s so so good for my body.  Bring on the next week of Juicing!


Pride!  Its one day till the Pride Gala, the opening of the Auckland Pride festival the first LGBTI celebration we have had in Auckland since 2003. (I think that was the last one??) Its so exciting to see the whole community working so hard to put everything together, events, shows, parade floats, masses of people, costumes, banners and everything social media that goes with it!  I’m doing heaps and am loving every moment of it!!

Photos, sunsets, museums, parks and gardens.  I spent yesterday afternoon/ evening in Auckland domain with two photographers and a make-up artist.  The outcomes so far have been amazing… I am very excited about the rest of the day’s sets too.  Here is a sneaky peek of me being a landlocked mermaid princess…

Photography by Natasha Hing more coming soon by Moppie!

Surprises and Photos! Find new photos that haven’t been published yet lurking in my inbox and getting an exciting surprise to boot!! I’m Judging Miss Pin-Up New Zealand at the Very Vintage Day Out in April.  HOW EXCITING!

Photography by Miss T Pin-Ups

Going out and dressing up!  There is something fantastical about getting all dressed up to go out.  It has its similarity’s to getting into costume to go on stage I suppose.  The difference being the stage is life and the cast is YOU! I love to make a great first impression and there’s no better way to do it than colour and sparkles. Here’s some images for the Great Burlesque Dinner (International style)!  Thanks to Red Rascal Productions

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Three RAD things from 2012

Three RAD things from 2012

Three RAD things from 2012:
Mustache combs from  Here!  Aren’t they the best?  I love my Mo and all things ‘stache… these are going to have to join my collection!

Booby Packs
Although some would say the 80’s are coming back around, when it comes to fanny packs I’ve always cringed…. “Take OFF the FANNY PACK please!  Click here to see more!

Instead, let me introduce you to this:  hello Booby Pack! Now we’re talking!

Think about it… Have you ever stuffed your bra? Admit it! You run with your phone, iPod, sunglasses, car keys, and where OH where do you stuff it? Up your butt….  no of course not!

Nope. You stick it in your tits. Big ones, little ones, doesn’t matter ones, a bra is just one chest strapped handbag.  Now Christina Conrad has designed a sweat proof, zip-able bra so your money, cards and phone will no longer be gross at the end of the night.

NAO Next Gen Robot

Originally developed for autistic children, Nao Next Gen Bot can have full conversations with you due to its ability to isolate and recognize specific words in sentences. He can also recognize your face and your movements and can even walk and play catch. Who needs a dog!

Basically you program Nao to do whatever you want him to do – pick your pens up off your office floor, talk to you or encourage you to keep working! You can even teach Nao yo plug himself in when his battery is running low – talk about low maintenance. To-date over 2,000 robots have been sold worldwide, and are currently being used in schools to help teach children.  See more here!

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Things I love Thursday: The Movember Edition

Things I love Thursday: The Movember Edition

Things I love Thursday!  It isn’t often I remember to do this, but I love the concept.  And since the dastardly full moon wrecked havoc on my moods for the last couple of days its really nice to be smiling and feeling appreciative for so many things!

Having a rad flat/ flatmates!   Pink leopard print heels from Senso Being able to live and work in an environment that lets me have pink hair and be my crazy self     Diversity Training – Its good that people are trying work towards understanding how to work with all different cultures, race, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, marital and employment statuses etc. in a positive way!   Pink Gorilla pod camera stand   Dark Chunky Chocolate  Pink Rhinestone covered computer mouse    A Pink cactus    An amazing new couch that got shipped up by some awesome friends in Wellington!   The opportunity to attend amazing events such as Hit the Pavement by M.A.C. and the Vodafone NZ Music Awards!   Getting to wear designer threads out on their behalf for an event!  SUNSHINE and good weather!   Being in a rad team for Movember!

Such an amazing event – really great work by the team and awesome to meet so many new people!  You all rock my sox!

My two options for Movember!
My Halloween Make-up Candy Skull / Day of the Dead ~ Dia de los Muertos face
Lighting a candle for loved ones pass on All Hallows Eve
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Our Women

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Our Women

Following on from my post yesterday, you all now know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I was a small part of this video below and hopefully of other of their events coming up also.  This video is amazing and I still tear up every time I watch it!   See the official website and share the video on yourselves!!

(Can you spot me at 4m 05?)

Our Women is a breast cancer awareness project. A love song by New Zealand artists for all kiwi women to hear. Reminding our women that they are precious and irreplaceable, and making sure each one has the information needed to stay healthy.

Seven kiwi women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. These are our mothers, aunties, daughters, wives and friends. These are our women.

In 2008, Helena McAlpine was one of them. To ensure that other kiwi women didn’t suffer the same fate, Helena partnered with the NZBCF to create a special message. Now we need your help. Go to to pass on Helena’s message and the music video to the women in your life. 

Taking part could save the life of someone you love.

Getting all done up and shooting for the video then rushing to the first Day of Fashion Week!  

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