Introducing: Bebaroque!

Introducing: Bebaroque!

The most amazing legwear ever!  Obviously I love all things that sparkle so to see these stunningly designed tattoo designs and appilque shapes on glorious legwear is the best.  I recently started following them on Instagram – do it!  You’ll love the images they put up!

Aren’t they the most divine thing ever.  Even though I have a substantial amount of tattoo’s myself to get the equivalent in ink would be permanent, expensive and time consuming.  These are the perfect, interchangeable and glamorous solution!

They’ve been extensively featured in VOGUE magazines around the world and won a Scottish Fashion Award in 2011.  Babaroque started in July 2007 by Mhairi McNicol and Chloe Patience. Both designers completed their BA(hons) in Textiles at the Glasgow School of Art in 2005 and then went off separately to gain Master degrees in Textiles and Fashion.

I’ve some winging their way down under to me – so keep an eye out for photos and more posts about them!


Phlossy Roxx

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New Year Resolution: Miss Ink Pageant Auckland

New Year Resolution: Miss Ink Pageant Auckland

I’ve never ever entered a beauty pageant of any kind before 2013.  Previously the idea scared the bejeezus out of me! However I’ve made a New Year’s resolution for this year to do things out side my comfort zone. Things that scare me a little. To push beyond what I’m used too!  This is my quote for this year.

Click in to see more!

 SOOO…. what happened?  When I was in Batangas, Philippines one evening feeling restless from too much food and not enough exercise or veggies I got bored and jumped on facebook.  Fortunately a link to the Miss Ink pageant had been reposted by someone.  Thinking about it from a performance perspective I decided to contact them regarding performing.  One thing led to another and suddenly I was entered.  It was the last day for registrations and I had 20 minutes to write two bio’s one personal and one about my ink before rushing out the door to head off to Laguna’s giant theme park – Enchanted Kingdom.

Arriving back in New Zealand late on a Friday night, attending a couple of really close friends Civil Union on the Saturday and then Sunday I panicked. All my luggage was still packed up, and suddenly I had to get a casual out-fit, a swim-wear out-fit that I wouldn’t feel self conscious in and an evening gown all organised.  Conveniently I had the evening gown all sorted!  I’d found a gorgeous dress in Manila and couldn’t wait to wear it.  I had umm’d and ahhh’d about buying it, but couldn’t get it out of my head after a week so it made its way into my suitcase!

The pageant it self made me super nervous. Now you might be thinking “What-ever!!”  Well, I still get nervous performing too, but this was different in the way it was not a choreographed piece and there wasn’t any music like there is with dancing to focus on.  Trying to forget this and stare directly into the bright lights, I just went for it, deciding not to take my self seriously at all and be totally cheeky! 
Casual out-fit: glittery cow boy hat and cap-guns!

Bring on the rest of 2013!  I’m off to the Miss Ink New Zealand Finals in Christchurch in June along with the 1nd, 2nd runners up and wild card winners. I’ve got BIG plans for more ink before then and a billion other adventurous plans too boot.  ITS SO DAMN EXCITING!!

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Movember: Introducing Team Fauxstache

Movember: Introducing Team Fauxstache

Sitting on the couch tonight (the first free evening I’ve had in a while) I couldn’t decide which exciting event to write about first!  They both fall on the same day – 1st of November, they’re both a pretty big deal and very exciting!

The VNZMA’s or Movember?  Well obviously I’ve picked Movember and now that you’re reading this I’ll be hard at work penning an article about my favourite musicians and all the nominations.

I’d like to introduce you to our little Movember team.  Team Fauxstache

Myself of course and Sam of Rooster Tail Comics who drew this gorgeous cartoon of us!!  We are getting little Mo tattoos on our fingers to show our support Movember, so please share the love and support our team!

Here is our message and why we are participating!

Team Fauxstache is for all the men, boys, and bois who can’t grow moustaches. 

Sam has dreamed of having a full beard since he was a little girl. He only started testosterone a year ago, so his thick mo has yet to emerge. Sam’s keen to be a part of Movember to stand alongside his fellow transmen and support transmen’s health and wellbeing. 

Phlossy is raising awareness and looking out for the special men she cares for!  Together team Fauxstache supports diverse men and masculinities across Aotearoa 

We’ll have lots of photos, cartoons and more to keep you hooked, entertained and giggling at our expense over the month of November, so with out giving too much more away, please share care and support Team Fauxstache supporting helping to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men.


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Mothers day!

Mothers day!

Mother’s day is this weekend.. I’m prepared this year. Normally I am busy so its not till commercialiscm sneaks up on me to smack my in the face that I’ve got to make sure I see her and the rest of the family and get her a gift.  My tattooist is doing a flash day – Two Hands Tattoo on Ponsonby Road… for Mother’s day no less.  
My mother is tradition.. shes amazing and I love her but maybe not a tattoo for her this year..
Something more along the Mothers day vein. And if you really are stumped for a gift.. Visit  for ideas and vouchers for your amazing mother.  It seems just right coming from one Phlossy about another… so check it out and get something to pamper her!

Want to do something more personal?  This is BRILLIANT.. go to a antiques store or garage sale and pick up a vintage mug!  Bake cupcakes and pop them inside the mug as a present… Or get a “KeepCup” a recyclable cup in the shape of a disposeable coffee cup… they come in all sorts of colours!

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Not your normal Job – Nikki Needles

Not your normal Job – Nikki Needles

 This girl is stunning and I’m glad to have met her this year and now consider her a friend.  She has worked on the “Wild Girls” calendar this year and hopefully I’m going to persuade her to do her first Burlesque show in 2012 too.  Very exciting – major girl crush!  Enjoy this interview of Nikki Needles, professional piercer at Lifestyle Tattoo & Piercing.  xxx

What does a girl like you on a normal day “at work”?
Haha there’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ day Body Piercing! But I spend my days at work running our Tattoo Studio behind the scenes & Piercing anyone who wants a hole put in them “)  I pierce anything & everything!

How did you get into the industry and what made you decide this is what you wanted to make a living out of?
I had a relatively easy entry into the Tattoo industry, I was lucky as it’s a hard industry to break into if you don’t know anyone already in the industry prepared to help you out.  My hubby is a Tattooist, so we decided to take the plunge and open our own business together – Lifestyle Tattoo & Piercing – this way the standards are up to our high standards and we have complete control over our future & our work environment.  No one tells us what we can & can’t do anymore!  Piercings & Tattoos go nicely hand in hand, and I wanted an extra way to bring income into the Studio – so I went and did a Body Piercing course with Shane from Streetwise – and the rest is history!!

What tips would you give new others who might be interested in a similar career?
DEFINITELY suck it up and pay the money to do a Piercing course and learn to pierce correctly!!  Anyone can pierce at the end of the day, but to pierce correctly, correct placements, measurements etc etc is a skill that I highly recommend you learn.  It’s also VERY important to learn health & hygiene & cross-contamination – another thing you won’t know if you’re self taught – no-one wants to go to a butcher at the end of the day!!!  If I was looking to hire someone to Pierce in my Studio, it would be a MUST that they had done a Piercing course.

When did you discover there was life outside the corporate 9-5 Office grind?  Was there a specific event or epiphany that brought that about?
I’ve always known there was life outside the corporate world – I was a Sales Rep for 5 years before opening our own Studio and constantly had to hide who I really was – I was sick of being told what I could & couldn’t do in terms of my appearance – no facial piercings, no visible tattoos, no bright coloured hair, constantly hiding my chest piece etc etc.  The money was great, but the lack of freedom wasn’t.  I guess the ‘epiphany’ hit me at Hamilton Tattoo Convention – we decided if these people can do it, so can we!!  Hamilton was in February, and we opened our shop on the 1st of April this year.  It’s the BEST thing we ever did…..scary to drop a Sales Rep’s salary for no guaranteed income….but AWESOME to be able to work and spend all my time with hubby.  Work is fun now & I enjoy going to work!!

Have you ever struggled to get what you do at work or out of work taken seriously?
I hate to say it, but I think with Tattoos & Piercings it’s always hard to be taken seriously.  People do stereotype you because of them, and they always will.  I always get asked….’but what about when you’re old’…..really who lives 50-60 years of their life worrying about the last 10?? We just constantly work hard at being friendly & approachable to try & break the stereotype.

Your work is very specialized – is this something you’ve learned in an education system or did you fall into it?
I did a course to learn to Pierce, but I easily could’ve just fallen into it.  You don’t need a qualification to pierce, but learning properly definitely has it’s advantages.  Having said that, a course only really gives you the basics, so the rest I have taught myself or learned through hands-on experience.

What effect has the Internet had on the way that you work?
Internet has opened the doors to Tattooing & made it a lot easier in terms of people being able to easily find reference material instead of having to come in and look through magazines, or go to the library.  On the other hand, it’s made it much easier for people to steal ideas & copyrighted artwork.  With Piercing, I find a lot of people research the piercing beforehand, however the techniques online are often dodgy, so they come in with pre-conceived ideas of what is going to happen, which often isn’t the case.

What is the biggest, most exciting project you’ve worked on / are most proud of?
My biggest, most favourite project I have worked on with Piercings, is a beautiful forearm piece – my girlfriend had beautiful bright daisies tattooed on her forearm by Greg (hubby), and I put 4 dermals into the tattoo into the centre of the 4 biggest flowers – it looks SO amazing!!  I’m jealous….and super proud of the beautiful end result!

Have you got anything exciting in the pipeline that you would like to share with us?
Hmmm….well I’m hoping to learn Pearling soon, which is a technique where silicone or titanium balls are implanted under the skin, popular for gentials….so stay tuned!! xx

Photos Nikki and Miss T Pin-Ups
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Not your normal Job – Interviews!

Not your normal Job – Interviews!

I interviewed a random cross section of people not so long ago, and before adding more to the list I thought I’d bring them back up again and read them again.  Here they are for you:

aime whitcroft Inverview  A super amazing, geek, pod-caster and all round hottie… I got to visit her last week on the Wellington leg of my mini tour!  It was a lot of fun and she’s still as fantastic as always. Still SUPER smart and crazy beautiful…  *girl-crush* 

Miss T-pin Ups Inverview This gorgeous lady takes the most amazing photos and has successfully made a career out of it!  She is a busy lady and is part of the crew behind Miss Vintage and Very Vintage Day Out 2012 – I can’t wait to go and be a part of it….   Hmmmmmmm  
Nick Collings Inverview  Has been on the Club circuit before most Gen-Y’s were out of school and still going strong!  I’ve known this guy since before I was legally allowed to drink  and he’s been keeping good music on the air waves continuously since then, weather it was with his store “Criminal Records” or through UP Fm the station which he now manages!  
Amie Wee Inverview  Queer, Porny and Unicorny….  Hard to top those three things!!  I’ve never met someone more interesting the more I get to know her.  She runs her own blog/ website Crevice Canyon Which is delightfully entertaining and very very much an enlightening read.  If your an open minded adult GO HERE!  This girl rocks!
Chloe King Interview HospoExtrodianire by day and Activist every other living moment this woman is going to go down in history. This <—— has to be the best pictorial description of her!! If anyone is really going to make an impact of politics be it in New Zealand or overseas.. Taking a stand for Women – its going to be this woman.  Having Graduated from AUT after 6 or more years – she’s also educated and someone who really knows what she’s talking about!
Next Up:  Interview coming soon… Victor McKenney my Tattooist from Two Hands Tattoo on Ponsonby Road who’s currently finishing this on my back!
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